2-Week Detox Program

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Detoxify at a cellular level and begin to correct chronic health issues by reducing the body’s toxic burden

The 2-Week Detox is the perfect protocol if you would like:

  • more Energy
  • improved thyroid function
  • reduced inflammation
  • increased mental clarity
  • weight loss support
  • clearer skin


This 2-Week Detox protocol is designed to break the cycle of irritation and inflammation by helping your body detoxify in a safe and beneficial way. It cleanses your liver, gallbladder, colon, intestines, and lymphatic system, making it a whole-body cleanse. The specific formulations that make this detox protocol so effective are:

Equalizer Concentrate: Fulvic Acid aids the body in dissolving toxins while enhancing nutritional absorption and cellular function. It is a powerful anti-viral, improves cellular communication, and promotes healthy immune system response.

Black Brew: Elements in this formula bond to heavy metals in the gut before they can be absorbed and enhance thyroid, liver, kidney, and cardiovascular functions. Black Brew also helps with hormone balance and eye health.

Super Curcuminoids: This formula helps regulate inflammatory enzymes, promotes a healthy immune system, maintains a healthy digestive tract, and supports every organ system.

Digestive Detox: This formula contains potent seeds and herbs to cleanse your whole digestive tract and a pre-biotic, pro-biotic blend to combat the unhealthy bacteria in the colon. This combination supports the health of the intestinal membranes while building a healthy immune system.

Why do I need to detox?

Toxins are present in our food, air, water, soil, skin care, and just about everything we use, or encounter in daily life. Yes, the human body possesses the ability to defend itself against these unhealthy foreign substances, but only to a degree. We are bombarded by more toxic materials than we can reasonably metabolize and eliminate. When compromised over and over again by daily infiltrations that are impossible to completely escape, the body cannot eliminate the toxins as fast as they are coming in, and it becomes overtaxed.

Some signs that our body is not keeping up are:

  • chronic inflammation causing aches and pains
  • regular headaches
  • brain fog
  • increased allergies
  • poor digestion
  • skin problems
  • consistently tired
  • unable to lose weight

“At all times, you are either building health, or you are tearing it down.”
—Dr. Dan Nuzum

It is impossible to eliminate all toxic exposure, but it’s critical that you stabilize your system by eating whole, organic foods and by drinking clean water. Have you ever tried to clean a room while a small child is present? As soon as you get one thing cleaned, another mess is made and very little progress happens. You have to reduce toxin intake to make progress with your health as well.

(Want a full education on toxins, how to detox, and over 50 delicious recipes that are safe during your protocol? Get my book, Detox for Lifehere!)

 If you are ready to feel improved health and energy, have clearer skin, a sharper mind, and less aches and pains, a 2-Week Detox is the perfect protocol! 

This program is not to be followed by pregnant or nursing mothers as it is not recommended to detox during these times. 

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13 Reviews

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    Detox Program

    Published by Al on Apr 19th 2017

    I've had the privilage to be one of Dr. Nuzum's patients, and while his patient I've been able to see my blood in a live blood analysis. It is AMAZING being able to actually see the change INSIDE of your body from doing his detox program! When your liver is dirty you can see heavy metals floating around in your blood while they detroy the blood cells around them.. It's pretty crazy stuff. Each time I do the program I feel better and better during and afterwards. (I'm about to do my 4th!)

  • 5
    Detox Program

    Published by Andy on Mar 27th 2017

    Dear Doc Nuzum, I first saw you interviewed in the truth about cancer series and realised immediately that you had your finger on the natural pulse. I have been following your website ever since. I have just completed your 14 day detox program and can say that I feel the benefits, lighter, more energy with a clear mind. I will start doing this on a regular basis and have incorporated some of the detox element into my daily regime. A big thankyou. Andy

  • 5
    The BEST detox program!

    Published by Tammi on Jan 23rd 2017

    I love this detox program! I always feel so vibrant and full of health after using these products. It's so easy; anyone can do this!

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