Super Earth Energy

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This is the world's most powerful combination of Cordyceps mushroom, Rhodiola Rosea and Dr.Nuzum's Fulvic and Humic acid.

Dr. Nuzum has spent over a decade testing and developing this powerful formula. After a long process of testing, he has come up with a formula that will give you the optimal energy level, one that occurs naturally within the cell, and without dangerous stimulants or mega doses of synthetic vitamins that lift you up and drop you hard. This formula supports the Adrenal and Thyroid glands as well as the bodies natural energy systems.

Super Earth Energy makes you feel energetic, alive, and full of endurance, by supporting the body's natural ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP is the basic energy used by every cell in the body, enabling each and every cell to do the work that it's designed to do. This product also helps the liver cleanse any heavy metals and toxins from your body, while improving your energy level.

A toxic body cannot feel energetic, this why Fulvic Acid is of Dr. Nuzum’s favorite compounds, for its ability to help the body function and cleanse at the same time are remarkable!

  • Promotes Health at a Cellular Level
  • Balances Cholesterol
  • Enhances ATP Production/Increasing Energy Levels
  • Supports the Adrenal Glands
  • Aids Hormonal Functions in both Male and Female
  • Enhances Liver and Kidney Function
  • Protects DNA Against Oxidation Stress
  • Improves Libido
  • Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Dr. Nuzum’s Fulvic Acid Complex is unique and like no other Fulvic Acid on the market. It enhances bio availability,  electrolyte function and energy production among many other things.  The medicinal mushroom Cordyceps used in this formula enhances each and every cell's ability to produce natural energy as it was designed to. Rhodiola, one of the most powerful adaptogens in botanical medicine, enhances the body’s ability to adapt to chemicals, emotional, environmental, physical and mental stresses. Together these powerful compounds support the body’s cellular needs on many levels for optimal health and vitality for life!

*This Formula has been used clinically by Dr. Nuzum for 17 years with excellent results.


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Sharlene Mar 13th 2018


I have Lyme disease and also the genetic defect MTHF - poor removal or detox from body, and with Lyme junk and now the environment too that is bad. I heard one doctor say Lyme can have 150 things go wrong, and from another doctor that MtHF can cause over 200 things to go wrong, so not having proper detoxing from my body can be serious, I was in treatment almost two and one half years for Lyme, and probably would have gone another half year, but I stopped because I had so many supplements I developed a bad body odor, worse than BO. Listening to a medical summit, an endocrinologist mentioned he had two patients having the same thing as me, and they too were on lots of supplements, so I stopped all supplements, even basic ones I take, and in two days the odor disappeared thankfully. So I had heard a lot about CBD oil and got some. I have a hard time falling asleep due to older age and Lyme disease, but now with the CBD oil I go into a very deep sleep when I get to sleep (they have watched people using CBD oil and said that even the eye movement stops). So that became my new best friend. Then I started up supplements that I need, basic Vitamins C and D plus K, and some for MTHF and some for Lyme. Then I heard Dr. Nuzum's tape and ordered right away. Because I still needed a noon nap every day. Started that up, have been on about six weeks, taking three throughout the day. I no longer need a nap, I had a very long four hours in the stores with my pregnant daughter, got home thirty minutes pass my locked in 10 PM bed time. But following day, and the second day when I sometimes crash, never happened. So I no longer need a nap. So all those supplements and I still had to nap, So my newest best friend is Super Earth Energy, will most likely be a lifetime thing. So I am in a great place now, and so nice to have more energy, THANKS TO DR. NUZUM AND HIS COMMITMENT TO PEOPLE.

Becky Jan 30th 2018

Quality product

Love this product! I take 2 pills in the morning with my breakfast and at 48 yrs. old this gives me plenty of energy to chase my 2 yr. old all day long. Don't hesitate, get this product!

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