Equalizer Concentrate

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This is a unique, all natural, mineral rich, 100% plant based, liquid Nano Fulvic Mineral Complex.

Fulvic Acid is essential for overall health and well being. It has been known to aid the body to dissolve toxins while enhancing nutritional absorption and cellular function. It is a powerful anti viral, improves cellular communication and  promotes healthy immune system response. Water extracted Nano Fulvic minerals are known to be of the highest efficacy and in Bio Availability.

Fulvic Acid is a natural element extracted from Humic shale, and is a natural Antioxidant like no other! In fact there is not another Antioxidant that comes close to its antioxidant potential. This is an excellent product for the whole family to lay down a healthy foundation.

We use the purest distilled water extraction methods to assure quality, purity and highest concentration. Dr. Nuzum's Equalizer Concentrate provides the body with the purest Nano Fulvic powered by valence,  Essential Amino Acids, 72+ Minerals, Electrolytes and water soluble Vitamins.

  • Balances pH
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Enhances immune system
  • Increases Energy and Metabolic rate
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Increases Nutritional Absorption
  • Improves Cellular Communication
  • Enhances Detoxification
  • Recycles Electrolytes

Fulvic Acids most researched function has been on its ability to dissolve toxic substances and the enhancement of aerobic microbes (Oxygen breathing Probiotics) activity while "suffocating" anaerobic microbes (Pathogenic or disease causing Microbes). This is accomplished by Fulvic Acid’s effect on the body’s pH and the  enhancement of the electrical conductivity of the body. The multifaceted benefits of cellular waste being reduced, anti-oxidation of cellular contents and fresh nutrition being delivered to the cell sets the stage for rejuvenation.

Our Equalizer Concentrate Fulvic Acid  is not diluted like most other Fulvic Acids out in the market, in fact it is the most potent Liquid Fulvic Acid on the market powered by Valence

Equalizer Concentrate is a Fulvic Mineral Complex that enhances the reduction of cellular metabolites (free radicals from inside the cell). For example, when the Mitochondria (the cellular power generator) metabolizes sugar for energy production the Carbon and the Hydrogen that make up the sugar (carbohydrate) are split and the remaining fragmented Carbon and Hydrogen are left. Once these are fragmented they actually act as free-radicals causing cellular damage. Equalizer can re-activate these fragmented elements and change them into usable nutrition for the cell. This is just an example of how Fulvic Acid “Repairs” and “Recycles” fragmented elements (Such as free radicals) in the cell, converting waste into usable nutrition.

Experts agree that most people should consider taking a Fulvic Acid mineral supplement like Equalizer Concentrate in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, many of us suffer from a mineral deficiency or imbalance that we either do not recognize or attribute to other factors in our environment.

Our Fulvic Acid can be taken directly on the mouth or diluted with a healthy water of your choice (filtered water, RO, distilled, spring etc....)  

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Stephanie R Feb 19th 2019

Everyday use

We have been using Doc Nuzum's Equalizer Concentrate for a few years now and rarely have as much as a sniffle! Our girls use it for our little grandchildren and they rarely get sick. They spray it on their skin to absorb topically. It is a must have in every home!

Pamela Dec 19th 2018


I’ve been using this product and several other Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals since seeing Doc Nuzum in May for help with improving my health and to try to get off of insulin as a type 1 diabetic of 18 years. That means I’m an adult onset type 1, which I’ve been told many times is rare. However, early on I was also told by a couple of medical professionals I trusted that they felt my pancreas still was making some insulin. After hearing Doc Nuzum speak on an Autoimmune docuseries, I felt he was the person I’d been looking for to help me improve my health at the very least, and hopefully with time get off of insulin. I’m well into my treatment and protocols and I’m pleased (and so hopeful!) to say we’ve already reduced my insulin requirements! Like others, I’m not sure which supplement(s) have been most beneficial in my case, but this seems to be a game-changer for me!

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