2-Week Detox Program

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This 2-Week Detox protocol is designed to break the cycle of irritation and inflammation by helping your body detoxify in a safe and beneficial way. It cleanses your liver, gallbladder, colon, intestines, and lymphatic system, making it a whole body cleanse. 

Who Should Do This Detox?

This detox is great for anyone who wants to dedicate moderate time to do a deeper detox than the beginner. This is also perfect for someone who is dealing with stress, either externally or internally, or has dealt with high levels of stress throughout their lives.


Equalizer Concentrate: Fulvic Acid aids the body in dissolving toxins while enhancing nutritional absorption and cellular function. It is a powerful anti-viral, improves cellular communication, and promotes healthy immune system response.

Black Brew: Elements in this formula bond to heavy metals in the gut before they can be absorbed and enhance thyroid, liver, kidney, and cardiovascular functions. Black Brew also helps with hormone balance and eye health.

Super Curcuminoids: This formula helps regulate inflammatory enzymes, promotes a healthy immune system, maintains a healthy digestive tract, and supports every organ system.

Digestive Detox: This formula contains potent seeds and herbs to cleanse your whole digestive tract and a pre-biotic, pro-biotic blend to combat the unhealthy bacteria in the colon. This combination supports the health of the intestinal membranes while building a healthy immune system.

 The following are some experiences you may have after the Detox Program:

  • Improved Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Weight Loss 
  • Improved Hormonal Balance
  • Clearer Skin

This program is not to be followed by pregnant or nursing mothers as it is not recommended to detox during these times.

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Reviews (9)

Rena May 13th 2018

Detox miracle

I would recommend this to anyone needing to clean up their body and feel better and try to rid old habits and do a restart to health.Highly recommend any of the Docs products....

Mari Apr 20th 2018

2 week detox protocol

For the last 8months I have suffered with fibromyalgia-type muscle/bone/joint pain throughout my entire body except hands and feet. I did a 26 day detox a few weeks ago with no improvement except some weight loss. Started Dr Nuzum’s detox and for 6 days little change despite taking Imflammagone...then day 7 ...woke up with 80% less pain! I’m halfway through my second week and can’t believe how much improved I am..daughter said even my voice is stronger. Thank you Dr. Nuzum...you are the only one who has put the function of our body/systems all together in simple language. I am a researcher (not professionally) have watched all your tutorials and finally all the bits and pieces I have learned now form a complete picture of how the body gets sick and how it heals. Thank you from my heart. Mari

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