Wondering Where to Start?

Dr. Nuzum's 2-Week Detox Program is a great place to start in your detoxing journey. This program is great for beginners who haven't detoxed before and those who have detoxed but want to start slow and advanced detoxers who haven't detoxed in a while. This 2-Week Detox program is designed to break the cycle of irritation and inflammation by helping your body detoxify in a safe and beneficial way. It detoxes your liver, gallbladder, colon, intestines, and lymphatic system, making it a whole-body detox.

Dr. Nuzum 2-Week Detox Program


After completing the 2-Week Detox, you can continue with the 21-Day Detox Program. The 21-Day Detox is similar to the 2-Week Detox protocol, but adds more time, extra supplementation, and cleansing activities to increase your overall toxin elimination. 

If you are ready to move to the next level of detoxification, lose weight, reset your metabolism, and improve your emotional state, a 21-Day Detox is the perfect protocol for you!

Dr. Nuzum 21-Day Detox Program