What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring humic substance that humans and plants need for nutrient assimilation, healthy cells, and detoxification. It is formed when organic matter biodegrades, leaving only complex organic compounds behind including fulvic acid. Studies have shown that fulvic acid aids in optimal body functioning.

It is one of a number of humic acids, which are complex mixtures of many molecules that readily join up with nutrient elements. Fulvic acid has many different carbon and phenol-based bonding sites, which are ideal for bonding with ions of vital macro and micro-nutrients.

Nutrients that are joined to humic substances, which include fulvic acid, are more easily absorbed by cells. This nano-sized molecule passes through cell membranes with ease, bringing its benefits to all of the body’s systems and organs.

Fulvic acid contains a very broad spectrum of bioavailable nutrients such as; vitamins, up to 72 minerals, fatty acids, hormones, ketones, phenols and flavonoids making it one of the most chemically active compounds in nature.

Studies have shown that providing plants with a supplemental source of fulvic acid increases the growth of leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. Just like plants, people that take supplemental fulvic acid can experience a greater nutrient and mineral absorption.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid:

  • Enhanced ATP (cellular energy) Production
  • Enhanced Body Nutrition
  • Improved Immune Support
  • Restores Balance
  • Increased Circulation
  • Enhanced Detoxification
  • Helps Enzyme System
  • Hormone Balance
  • Stimulates Metabolism
  • Detoxifies Pollutants
  • Chelates Toxins
  • Neutralizes Poisons in the Body
  • Enhances Beneficial Microbes

All of these benefits come from fulvic acid’s natural ability to deliver nutrients where they’re needed, while also removing harmful toxins. Dr. Nuzum describes fulvic acid as the body’s mailman and garbage man rolled into one, this smart nutrient knows your body’s needs and routes. As fulvic travels the beneficial compounds into a cell, it also exchanges it by picking up cellular waste and removing them from your system.

Dr. Nuzum and Fulvic Acid

Humans used to be able to consume fulvic acid as they needed it, by eating plants that grew in fulvic acid rich soils. Since then, the rise of industrial agriculture has depleted the nutrients from our soil. This results in our foods being less nutrient-rich, and containing less fulvic acid.

Many people today are nutrient-deficient, hormonally-imbalanced, and chronically fatigued because their bodies are full of toxins that have been absorbed from the world that surrounds us. Fulvic acid is the answer to many of these problems. It’s the detoxifying solution provided by nature to help us heal ourselves.

In the absence of natural fulvic acid food sources, taking a fulvic acid supplement can be very beneficial.

Dr. Nuzum and Fulvic Acid

Another name that Dr. Nuzum shares is Dr. Fulvic! He has been researching this compound for years and is one of the leading researchers in this field. His research stems from his desire to help people maintain and regain their health back.

The fulvic acid Dr. Nuzum uses is plant-derived, third-party tested for impurities, and comes from a number of different sources of humate deposits. Not all humic deposits are made alike, and this diversification ensures that the maximum benefits are being delivered through his formulations.

The fulvic acid used in our formulas is extracted with multiple sources of humates to ensure the highest quality supplement. The quantity and quality of other humates are why fulvic acid supplements are not equal. Every humate deposit contains a different mix of “biomass” or prehistoric plant material. Therefore, the nutrients are all different. With clinical testing at 4%, our standards are high given the market standard is .015 to .05%. This is why our customers feel the difference.

Dr. Nuzum’s fulvic acid supplements are unique to any other kind on the market. One of the active ingredients in Super Earth Energy is a medicinal mushroom known as Cordyceps, which enhances each cell’s ability to produce natural ATP, cellular energy. Also found in his formulas, Rhodiola is one of the most powerful adaptogens in botanical medicine which improves the body’s ability to adapt to emotional, chemical, environmental, physical and mental stresses. Together, these powerful compounds support the body’s cellular needs for optimal health and vitality for life!