Cordyceps And Modern Medicine

Cordyceps have been used for their health benefits for generations by healers in the far East. Chinese and Tibetan healers have used Cordyceps for centuries in their medicine. Western doctors are slowly becoming more familiar with Cordyceps and are starting to understand the depths of its healing power. Cordyceps are reputed to have many health benefits and not only provide an energy boost and strengthen the immune system but have been known to fight certain types of cancer, including leukemia, melanoma, and lung cancer. In addition, evidence shows that it inhibits the onset and progression of cancer, possibly shrinking tumor cells.

Studies have also shown that cordyceps:

●Increase sexual function and desire

●Boost endurance, stamina, and athletic performance

●Balance cholesterol levels

●Are an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

A History of 

Cordyceps mushrooms were not well known in the Western world until the 1993 Track and Field National Games in Beijing. The Chinese women’s team broke several consecutive world records, some of which are still intact today. Suspicious, the authorities tested the team for anabolic steroids, but the results came up negative. Eventually, it was revealed they were taking cordyceps elixirs each day as part of their dietary regime.

Medicinal mushrooms are gaining the spotlight because of their powerful health benefits, which are a tonic for the body. These mushrooms are a type of medicinal mushroom and are not part of the edible mushrooms in the produce aisle but have been hand-collected or grown in a lab setting and then dried to be used as an extract or tincture in many products. Cordyceps mushrooms are EXPLODING in popularity in the United States for both cultivation and consumption.

There are over 400 species, but Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most popular and has been researched. Cordyceps Sinensis is in the family of parasitic fungi that grow on insects’ larvae in the mountainous regions of China. Cordyceps Sinensis grows only in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan and is rare and expensive to harvest.

Cordyceps mushrooms begin life in the soil as spores attached to caterpillars that have burrowed underground to hibernate in the winter. The caterpillar fungi are made up of tiny threads called hyphae, which enter the caterpillar’s breathing pores and branch out in thousands of directions. At the same time, the fungus secretes an enzyme that dissolves caterpillar tissue, replacing it with more fungus. Eventually, nothing is left but a mummified brown husk, with a fungal stalk sprouting out to release new spores. Who would guess that such a strange, parasitic mushroom could be so beneficial to human health? Lucky for us, knowledge of cordyceps has been passed down in traditional medicine, just waiting to be discovered worldwide.

Cordyceps For Adrenal Health

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, enabling the body to adapt to all forms of stress. To do this incredible feat, the adrenal glands produce ten different hormones, including the immediate and long-term stress response hormones called epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol. The beneficial effect that Cordyceps mushrooms have on adrenal gland function has been the focal point of many studies. What we have learned is that Cordyceps rejuvenate tired and “stressed out” adrenal glands. Dr.Nuzum has been using Cordyceps mushrooms both personally and clinically for 27 years, and he says that it is a mainstay ingredient in his practice.

How Cordyceps Improve Liver and Kidney Function

The liver acts as a filter for the entire body, so the body starts to become sluggish when it doesn't function properly. Patients experience an increased energy level with cordyceps because it is one of the most potent liver detox herbs found in nature. As it helps cleanse and detox liver impurities from your body, your energy level naturally improves.

One particular study of 33 patients with Hepatitis B and eight patients with cirrhosis of the liver experienced marked improvements by taking cordyceps. These patients showed a 71.9 percent improvement on the thymol turbidity test. This test measures blood proteins that appear in high concentrations in patients with diseased livers. These same patients also experienced a 78.6 percent improvement in the SGPT test, which measures enzymes released into the blood when the patient’s liver or heart is diseased. Another study showed patients with chronic kidney disease experienced a 51 percent improvement in kidney function after taking cordyceps for only one month.

The mushroom works by enhancing each cell’s ability to produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Taking cordyceps can increase ATP levels by as much as 55%. It also contains many other beneficial compounds that help the body create energy, detoxify itself, and reduce inflammation.


One of the main ingredients in Dr. Nuzum’s Super Earth Energy is cordyceps. The correct formula is usually more effective than the sum of its parts, and Super Earth Energy is no exception. Dr. Nuzum found that combining fulvic acid with Cordyceps Sinensis helped the body’s cells to produce a perfect, sustained energy boost, naturally. Combining the two in our Super Earth Energy formula has helped so many people achieve the energy levels they desire. It can be hard to find an all-natural energy supplement, which doesn’t cause a spike or a crash, and which supports your body’s health at a holistic level.

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Besides showing promise as a detoxifier and anti-cancer fighter, cordyceps greatly benefit the body. In time, Western doctors will continue to recognize its vast healing benefits, and cordyceps will become a more mainstream treatment option.