Super Magnesium

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Magnesium is utilized by 300 different chemical processes in the body, including energy production, sugar metabolism, neurological and digestive functions.

Super Magnesium is a solution of Magnesium chloride and distilled water with such a high level of Magnesium that it has an oily consistency.

Transdermal Magnesium oil can be absorbed 95-100% whereas oral Magnesium supplements are absorbed up to 20%.

Those that benefit the most from Magnesium supplementation are those who have diabetes, insomnia, muscle cramps, heart issues, kidney stones, and headaches.


     Benefits of Magnesium: 

Enables the body to absorb Calcium and deposit it into your bones, if you are Magnesium deficient, Calcium will be deposited in places other than your bones such as your kidneys or your joints. This is why Magnesium is a more important supplement than Calcium for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Helps you relax and stay asleep. When a person is Magnesium deficient they may fall asleep due to exhaustion, but they don't stay asleep, normally waking multiple times a night with difficulty falling back asleep.

Helps with nerve function, headaches and pain, along with relaxing tight and tense muscles.

Assists your joints (bones, ligaments, and tendons) to repair faster by improved blood flow from relaxed and dilated blood vessels.

Helps to transport Calcium and Potassium across the cell membrane, enhancing nerve impulse conduction.

Enables the body to metabolize carbohydrates which can help those with diabetics and obesity.

Helps with breathing by relaxing the bronchioles to assist those with Asthma.

Essential for the formation of testosterone in both men and women.


 Apply 10-20 drops topically to the affected area, or on inner arms or abdomen for best results. 


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Carlotta Jan 7th 2018

Super Magnesium

Excellent product. Love that it's transdermal, I sleep so much better And no more leg cramps!

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