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Super Magnesium Supplies the Miracle Mineral that Affects Almost Everything!

Maintaining proper levels of magnesium in the body helps:

  • regulate 300 different enzyme reactions in the body
  • regulate blood sugar
  • thyroid function and hormone balance
  • bone development, maintenance, and strength
  • regulate production of cholesterol

The key ingredients that make Super Magnesium so beneficial are magnesium chloride flakes combined with a carbon-oxygen compound.

Magnesium chloride flakes are dissolved in distilled water until the water is so saturated it takes on an oil-like consistency. There is no oil or petroleum product in Super Magnesium.

A carbon-oxygen compound is added to the mixture which combines with the magnesium chloride to become magnesium oxide and magnesium carbonate. This allows for better penetration of the skin so a smaller dosage can be used to achieve results. Additionally, the magnesium oxide helps to oxygenate the system once it enters the bloodstream while the magnesium carbonate helps to neutralize acids.

“Roughly 75% of U.S. adults consume less than the
recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium.”

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a macromineral, which means it is needed in relatively large amounts to maintain normal functions in the body. Other macro-minerals include calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and chloride. Magnesium is technically an alkaline earth metal on the periodic table and it is inorganic, meaning our body cannot create it, so it must be obtained through diet or supplementation. 

Unfortunately, due to poor farming practices and over processing, increasing the intake of magnesium-rich foods is probably not enough to provide the level actually needed. Using Super Magnesium to supplement your diet can help ease symptoms in many common conditions:

  • migraine headaches
  • hypertension
  • asthma
  • muscle cramps and spasms
  • pre-menstrual syndrome
  • type 2 diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • osteoporosis

Why Topical Application Instead of Capsules?

Topical application of magnesium is preferred because a smaller dosage can achieve the same results as larger doses taken orally. The body can typically absorb around 25% of the indicated dosage of magnesium capsules. However, the body retains 98% of the dosage when applied and absorbed through the skin.

Next, magnesium does not absorb well through the stomach wall without taking a vitamin D supplement. Super Magnesiummixes with the vitamin D in the skin as it is absorbed, so no additional vitamin D supplementation is required as long as you get plenty of sun exposure.

Finally, supplementing with topical magnesium will not have a laxative effect, which can be common when taking magnesium orally. 

What if My Skin Is Sensitive?

In some situations where a person is very magnesium deficient, topical application can cause all the capillaries to open up to absorb as much as possible. This reaction produces a red, itchy area where the solution was applied—but should subside within minutes. If this happens, reduce the dosage to one drop per area until the reaction is not as intense, then increase to two drops, then three, and so on. Over time, as the deficiency is corrected, the reaction will no longer occur. 

Supplementing with Super Magnesium ensures the most direct absorption and highest dosage retention with little to no side-effects. Don’t make the same mistake as 75% of the population and try to function while deficient in this miracle macro-mineral.

Apply 10-20 drops topically to the affected area, or on inner arms or abdomen for best results. 


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Reviews (3)

Donna Kitzmann Jun 4th 2018

super magnesium

Have known about the special need to supplement with magnesium and have used various forms available. they each help in some ways but interesting to note that some help one person more and another type works better for others. Have just used the super magnesium for a short period of time now and it is very encouraging. Just a drop or two in the evening applied to the wrist area are benefiting all members of the family. Sleeping improved, no cramps and elimination normal. Some magnesium products promote or work as a laxative and when needed that is great. But great to have all working without shall we say "side effects".

Mary May 24th 2018


Great product! I just started using it and haven't had a leg cramp since. I'm sleeping better too. Thanks Doc!

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