Super Fulvic Iodine

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As a dietary supplement, Super Fulvic Iodine is an essential part of an optimum health routine.

  • Helps Thyroid Health and Well-being
  • Supports Healthy Hormone levels
  • Maintains Metabolism and *Apoptosis (the process of which cancer cells self destruct)
  • Protects Glands from Radiation

Iodine is an essential trace element that is vital for the health of every cell of our body. Around 60% of the iodine in the human body is stored in the thyroid gland.

The health benefits of iodine play a significant role in thyroid health but not only thyroid health, but it can also impact all the organs in your body, especially your liver, kidneys and reproductive organs. In women around 20% is stored in the breast and about 10% is stored in the ovaries. In men, about 15% is stored in the prostate and about 10% in the testis. Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located below the trachea, the way it functions can make a huge difference in how you feel. This gland secretes hormones that control the base metabolic rate of the body.

In fact, without iodine, thyroid hormones could not even be produced.

The body needs 100-200 mcg of iodine per day, and 1/4 teaspoon of iodized salt contains approximately 95 mcg of iodine. Nations with access to iodized salt are far less likely to suffer from iodine deficiency. The United States no longer iodized our food (not that this would be a good source of Iodine) and our soil is depleted. Another factor to consider is that stress can increase your Iodine requirements up to 3 to 4 times the daily requirements.

There are estimates that 97% of the US population is Iodine deficient. There was a study in 2012 that estimated that as many as 30 million people in the United States alone suffer from Hypothyroidism. And this is not counting the many cases that are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Iodine also plays a vital role in energy production ATP and enhances metabolic function.

Why is our Fulvic Iodine different?

Dr. Nuzum's Iodine with Fulvic Acid is faster acting than other forms of Iodine. It is more bio-available and free of heavy metals which is an issue with many other Iodine products.

Iodine supports thyroid function, and when the thyroid is functioning well it produces enough hormones to activate all the mitochondria (the cell's energy generator) of every cell in the body. It is the mitochondria which produce ATP or cellular energy for every cell of the body to do its job. Low levels of Iodine affect the number of hormones the thyroid can contribute. If thyroid hormone levels are low the mitochondria don't get activated and you will have no energy, no metabolism, no absorption of nutrients and no excretion of toxins, so you end up not only tired, hungry, and foggy minded but toxic as well.

When Nano Fulvic Acid Complex is combined with Iodine, this smart nutrient increases the bio-availability of Iodine. Dr. Nuzum's Nano Fulvic Acid Complex supports the delivery of Iodine to every cell of the body.

Approximately 300 drops per bottle.

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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Super Fulvic Iodine

    Published by J on Aug 12th 2019

    First time trying this combo and loving it! I've recommended it to my friends due to the high quality product, the added fulvic and easy to get down. Doesn't taste weird. Customer Service answered my question promptly after I received it.

  • 5
    Super Fulvic Iodine

    Published by Sandra Miller on Jul 28th 2019

    Although capsules are easier for me to take, after trying another prominate doctor's iodine because it was in capsule form, I prefer Super Fulvic iodine. I add it to my lemon water in the morning and I have peace of mind that I will not have to worry about health issues related to iodine deficiencies.

  • 5
    super fulvic iodine

    Published by Lydia Powlette on Jul 17th 2019

    A Dr. advised me to use this product and it's great, my body feels relaxed.

  • 5
    Fulvic Iodine

    Published by Kate Morris on Jul 15th 2019

    In February , the right lobe of my thyroid was removed due to a tumour, which turned out to be benign. I felt great till May when I started suffering from debilitating cramps, insomnia and incredible fatigue. The doctor felt the remaining lobe was having trouble picking up the slack and was insisting I take radioactive iodine and thyroid hormones. However, I felt it was more adrenal fatigue due to 9 years of chronic stress in my private life , which I normally handle fairly well but an event in May, over which I had little control, floored me. The doctor said stress had nothing to do with my symptoms but I wasn’t convinced. Having already done the beginner’s detox protocol (which I loved ), read up on the thyroid and followed a couple of webinars, I decided to use more of your products . Especially since the results of the blood tests were well within the norms for TSH, T3 and T4! I really do believe my body just cannot take much more of this stress . Anyway, since taking the Fulvic Iodine, the thyroid results are even better- almost ideal!- and the doctor is incredulous. I’m still convinced I have adrenal fatigue but am also taking three of your other products and the cramps are less frequent and my energy is coming back. Gina’s Recipes are a source of inspiration too. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in sharing your expertise and making your products available.

  • 5
    super fulvic iodine

    Published by Kathy Purvis on Mar 8th 2019

    Talk about waking up! I love my energy level coming back. Thank you Dr. Dan.

  • 5
    Fantastic Product

    Published by Shelley on Feb 20th 2019

    I absolutely love this iodine. I have used iodine for years, but since finding this version, I use it exclusively. Love that I can use it transdermally and not be orange for several hours. It also does not stain clothes the way other iodines so. The taste is much better than other iodines, so when I do choose to use it orally (like before a flight or if there is a respiratory issue), it is not a problem.

  • 5
    Super Fulvic Iodine

    Published by Linda D on Oct 25th 2018

    I used to have a low-functioning thyroid. I started taking the Super Fulvic Iodine a few months ago. I'm in my 70s and just had my blood checked and it's perfect! And it's so easy to take. Thanks, Doc!

  • 5

    Published by Hydie Bloom on Oct 14th 2018

    I had been using a different brand with success prior to swapping over to Doc Nuzums. I've been taking this now for 2 weeks and can definitely feel more energy and it seems to absorb faster. I'm very happy with this product and would highly recommend. It will now be on my daily list.

  • 4
    Super Fulvic Iodine

    Published by Victor Bogaert on Sep 6th 2018

    Usually i feel better in the evening. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning. But this product is a great help. Also I don't feel tired anymore when coming home from work.

    I'm 27 and took this product for over a month

  • 2
    Super Fulvic Iodine

    Published by Joy on Aug 26th 2018

    I did not notice any difference in my health or well-being while using this product. I was disappointed.

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