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Unlock the metabolic power of your liver with Super Chlorogenic

An increase in the efficiency of your liver can:

  • increase metabolism
  • stabilize blood sugar
  • increase weight loss
  • lower cholesterol
  • increase cognitive function
  • reduce fatigue

Concentrated chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee beans is the only ingredient in Super Chlorogenic. The beans are fair trade and organic, sourced from Colombian plantations and made with 100% pure ingredients with no additives. No harmful chemicals are used to pull out the caffeine, so a small amount remains—approximately 5 mg. You may notice the caffeine if you are very sensitive to it, but most people have no jittery effects.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol, which is a compound found in most green plants and is produced through plant metabolism. It is made up of 4 different antioxidant phenols which combine to make one very effective antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid is found in large amounts in dandelion and chrysanthemum but is most easily and efficiently extracted from green coffee beans. Some web searches may even define Chlorogenic acid as “green coffee bean extract.”

The Secret is in the Liver

One of the jobs your liver performs is to metabolize nutrients from your digested food. After you eat and the food has been broken down in your stomach, it moves into the small intestine where most nutrients are pulled from the food to be absorbed into the body. The nutrients must travel through a venous system called the hepatic portal vein. This network of veins delivers the nutrients directly to the liver to be metabolized into glucose, which is the fuel for all the cells in our body.

As we digest food, the pancreas secretes insulin into the hepatic portal vein so that it can be carried into the liver with the digested food. As much as 90% of the insulin produced by the pancreas is utilized in our liver, which requires the hormone in large amounts. Each cell in the liver contains 200,000 insulin receptor sites. Think of each receptor site as a door to the cell that only opens to let nutrients in when insulin, or the key, opens the door. Insulin unlocks the liver cells making them available to metabolize nutrients and deliver glucose properly into our bloodstream.

Increased Liver Efficiency and Metabolism

Chlorogenic acid makes all of the receptor sites more sensitive to insulin, causing the doors to open easily and increasing your metabolism. This increase in efficiency in your liver has dramatic effects all throughout the body.

Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels

When more doors are open within your cells, more sugar (glucose) can be consumed for cellular energy. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which balances insulin and other hormone production.

Increased Weight Loss Potential

The increase in metabolism allows more glucose to be burned as fuel, meaning less glucose will be stored for future energy in fat cells. This makes it easier to lose weight when eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Lowered Triglycerides and Cholesterol

When the body has excess glucose in the blood that cannot be used as fuel, it begins to store the fuel for future use. This conversion begins when extra glucose is clumped together to form a fat molecule, also known as a triglyceride. The increase in liver metabolism means lower blood sugar levels, which drives lower triglyceride levels.

The “bad” cholesterol, or LDL, is also lowered naturally when blood sugar levels normalize. Think about excess sugar in your blood as sticky rock candy with jagged edges. If excess glucose molecules (rock candy) are present too long, they get attached to red blood cells and form a crystalline crust. As they travel through the circulatory system, they cause damage to the lining of arteries and capillaries, creating irritation. The body’s response to this irritation is to coat the damaged portion of the lining with LDL cholesterol.

Increased Cognitive Function

When the liver becomes less reactive to insulin, or insulin resistant, this can cause the brain to become inefficient at processing glucose as well. The only fuel your brain uses is glucose, so if it doesn’t process it well then you begin to lose many cognitive abilities. Alzheimer’s and dementia are examples of what happens when the brain is starved of fuel. Increasing the liver’s ability to metabolize nutrients and utilize insulin enhances the brain’s ability to utilize glucose and not starve.

The opposite end of the spectrum is when the brain is getting flooded with too much glucose, causing irritation and overstimulation in most cases. ADD and ADHD are good examples of this. Again, when the liver metabolizes properly and insulin opens the doors it is supposed to open, glucose levels are normalized and the brain does not get flooded with too much fuel.

Reduced Fatigue

Energy for our body begins in each and every cell. When the cells keep their doors locked to the fuel that is being circulated, they remain inactive and tired. When insulin unlocks the doors to let fuel in, cells are able to utilize the fuel and become active. This creates energy in the cell that translates to energy in the body.

As you can see, when the liver can utilize insulin properly, the whole body can function better as a result. This is a great point to keep in mind when considering your overall health. Super Chlorogenic is not a remedy for a poorly functioning, or fatty liver. It is merely a way to enhance its function while you take some larger action to heal your liver if needed.

Consider a 2 Week Detox to help cleanse the liver from toxins, which will assist in restoring its full functionality. If you are new to detoxification protocols, you may want to start with the Beginner’s Detox. Both programs will kick-start the healing within your liver.

Super Chlorogenic is also a great supplement to assist the body when transitioning off the standard American diet and into an organic, nutrient-rich diet higher in fruits and vegetables. After completing a 2 Week Detox, pair Super Chlorogenic with Black Brew, Digestive Detox, and Inflammagone for the ultimate combination of digestive and liver support. This will help maintain the normal and healthy function of your liver.


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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Thanks great product

    Published by Genevieve Lane on Aug 22nd 2019

    Thanks great product!

  • 5

    Published by Margaret on Nov 7th 2018

    I’m very pleased with these supplements. It seems to help me with energy . I use this instead of coffee.

  • 4
    Review of Chlorogenic

    Published by Jim on Apr 2nd 2018

    I gave a 4 star rating because I truthfully cannot say how good it is. What I can say is that it is not bad and does seem to be of quality. I started taking some detox pills just before I started taking the Chlorogenic now after 10 days of my system constantly purging not allowing me leave long enough to walk down my buildings stairs, I stopped taking it when this started. I have no idea where Chlorogenic might fit into this purging. Since this has been going on so long even when I stopped eating for days until today when I figure that maybe eating eggs and pasta might help to bind me up, I really have no idea what Chlorogenic had to do with the instant onslaught of my system purging itself or maybe it was attempting to stop it and I should have continued it these past ten days.

    I do believe it is quality and after my system settles down, I hope to maybe find out that Chlorogenic was a factor in helping my body to detoxify and then retaking it will also help it to once again become a nutrient rich body.

    By the way, I was also taking this with the brain formula of which I also stopped at the same time. How they both work in conjunction, I also cannot say. That, though, does seem like a high quality product both of which are within par for getting what you pay for.

  • 5
    Increased energy

    Published by Becky on Aug 22nd 2017

    On the very first day I took this supplement I had continuous energy that last the entire day. Very happy with this product.

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