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Dr.Nuzum's Gut Health is a combination of plant-based digestive enzymes and probiotics supplement. Gut Health is designed to enable the digestive system to begin to function correctly once again by efficiently breaking down the food we consume. Gut Health is a balanced formula of protein-digesting Protease, fat-digesting Lipase, and carbohydrate-digesting Amylase.

Along with supportive probiotic microorganisms from the Lactobacillus family (Acidophilus, Casei, and Plantarum), Gut Health is designed to get the gut functioning properly again.

Proper nutrition and gut health are paramount to a healthy and functional digestive tract, which is key to the absorption of nutrients. The healthy gut that absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients will lead to greater overall health.

Gut Health helps: 

  • This formula focuses on the beginning sections of the digestive tract, stomach and small intestine. Gut Health is a must If you struggle with gas, acid indigestion, sluggish bowels, and bloating
  • Assist in the digestion of food (especially cooked food which is devoid of enzymes) Replenish the microbiome with key probiotic microbes lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, and the SBO Lactobacillus Plantarum Enhance the gut pH, enabling the gut to absorb alkali minerals such as Bicarbonate, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium which alkalize our tissues (if we don't absorb them from our food, it is nearly impossible to alkalize our tissues)
  • Promote healthy immunity


Suggested Use: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily with partially cooked meals and 3 capsules with fully cooked meals, or as directed by your physician.


  • What does alkalize our tissues mean, and why is it important? Alkaline tissues have a higher pH, and when our tissues are alkaline, they are more resistant to disease and deterioration. Is this similar to a probiotic? Yes, this is a probiotic that also has digestive enzymes to assist in the process of cleaning up and healing the gut.
  • Are there other supplements that would enhance this one and improve gut health? Oh yes! Any or all of these are great: Black Brew, Super Earth Energy, Equalizer concentrate, Nuzum’s Digest, and Ful-Biotic.
  • What other things can I do to improve my gut health? Eating more wholefoods and a clean, organic diet. Choose plant based foods as often as possible. Decrease or eliminate inflammatory foods such as processed foods, fried foods, and processed sugar. Increasing hydration, along with general exercise are essential too.

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Customer Reviews

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Irene Utley
Improved digestion

I take 2 capsules of Gut Health with meals and my digestion is greatly improved.

Jill Uceny
This is an amazing product!! It does a lot to help !!

I am glad to have found this product as it is helping my digestion out a great deal! I am grateful for Dr. Nuzum and his dedication to helping people with their health in the natural ways.

Helps if you need to go #2

After experimenting with this supplement, I decided we don’t need to take it everyday because we are already taking other of Doc Nuzum’s supplements and our guts are pretty healthy now. What I do keep this on hand for is if anyone in my family ever gets a little constipated or has an upset stomach and needs to get their intestines moving. Sometimes it works immediately. Sometimes within a few hours but it always works and is very gentle.

Its helping me, I think!

I have been on this product a couple of weeks and so far it seems to be helping me digest food with less reflux problems and upset stomach. I recommend that anyone try, if I can take it with my sensitive angry stomach, anyone can!


This is about my 3rd bottle of this stuff & I rely on it to take care of the cancer sores I get if I eat any sugar. It settles my digest system & of course that also means any sugar from other foods. (carbohydrates) I have found it helps me sleep better if I take it in the evening, Good product as all of your your products are. You have put a lot of thought & science into enhancing the mind & body & I trust your products. Elizabeth

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