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"I give Detox for Life my full endorsement and I am excited to help reach as much of the population as possible with this incredible educational guide. Read this book in its entirety and share it with friends. You’ll be glad you did."

Ty Bollinger
New York Times Bestselling Author and
​Co-Founder of

In Detox for Life you will learn:
Dr. Dan Nuzum's 3-step process to optimize your body's ability to heal.

Part 1, Stabilize: Sources of Toxins, will teach you how to stabilize your body and the immediate environment by minimizing your exposure to toxins. Most people realize it is impossible to live a normal life and completely eliminate all exposure to toxins, so this section will help educate you about the most common and dangerous sources that we breathe, ingest, and absorb. When you understand that daily choices are either building your health or tearing it apart, you can empower yourself when you take active steps to minimize your toxin exposure.

Part 2, Detoxify: Detox Concepts and Protocols, will teach you how to detoxify once you have stabilized your body; this is the most pivotal component in the body’s three-step healing process. This section explains why you need to detox, what a detox really is, and how to succeed during and after a detox.

Supplementation is a critical part of both detoxifying and fortifying, and will primarily be discussed in part two.

Four detox protocols of various intensity are included that anyone can benefit from, regardless of whether this is a new concept or you’ve been detoxing for years.

Part 3, Fortify: Detox Diet Recipes, will help you fortify your body with optimum nutrition through recipes created by my wife, Gina. This is by no means a complete source for clean recipes, but rather an introduction to get you started preparing healthy, nutritious food.

Gina has provided more than 50 recipes to help guide you along the correct path to eating healthy. Her detoxifying and fortifying recipes are absolutely delicious!

Customer Reviews

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It is very good book and has a lot of great information. I love Dr Nuzum and his knowledge on everything.

Christopher Hamlin
Detox for Life

An excellent guide to understanding how to detox your body and also understand what is going on during this process.

Donna Boone
Detox for life

Great book! Lots of excellent info.
Well worth the purchase
I highly recommend it !

Sylvie Lean
The book "Detox for Life"

That book is really well informed.It help me to know to detox the right way,from beginner to advanced and the recipes to make during the detox and are very good taste.

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