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“My husband, family and I are so grateful”

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to begin to life again anew! I am beginning to feel so much better & function more ‘normal’ (these supplements are a happy thing). I am learning to rest and to not overdo it, as best as I can. I know my body still has healing ahead, but I just had to say thanks for helping me to a place where I begin to heal and mend. What a gift God has given you to help people. My husband, our family and I are so grateful.”





“Hi, Dr. Dan!! I am AMAZED by your Inflamagone herbal blend!!! I suffered a grade 3 hamstring strain (as indicated by three loud pops) while water-skiing Saturday afternoon. By evening, I couldn’t even walk. I had to drag my leg and it was extremely painful. With ice, I took two Tylenol and started the Inflamagone . By morning, I could walk. Within 24 hours, I could walk without much of a limp and had significantly less pain. This morning, only a mere 42 hours later, I am able to lightly stretch it out. IMFLAMAGONE ROCKS!! ~:-D”





“I have been going through a whole body detoxification and until I added this product, I was having a lot of difficulty. I was bloated, tired and still foggy. Once I began using Inflamagone, after about two weeks, I started feeling human again. My bloating decreased, and I felt my energy coming back. I have been taking this product for three months and would recommend using it for long term for best results. I gave it to a friend to use for his really bad allergies, and he also raves about it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with any type of inflammation. Thank you, Dr. Nuzum!!”

~Dana S.




When my husband and I began visiting Doc Nuzum we were in a desperate spot. My husband had developed an excruciating headache that over time spread to debilitating fatigue all throughout his body. All the traditional medical experts we had seen had been unable to discover anything wrong with my husband. He had been through so many different tests, visited numerous specialists, and tried various medications but nothing helped at all.

My husband became concerned he was dying. He was unable to function, hold a job, or even leave the house. A friend suggested we go see Dr. Nuzum. Doc began treating my husband with cranial head therapy and after two weeks my husband felt marked improvement. We have now been seeing Dr. Nuzum for over a year and a half.

We have been increasingly amazed at the knowledge and skill Dr. Nuzum possesses. His walls are covered with health degrees he has earned and he is always working on learning new skills. Not only does Dr. Nuzum have extensive experience treating patients, but he is always researching new possible treatments for all kinds of ailments. He is a contributor to many documentaries on cancer and lectures on natural treatments for the disease.

Dr. Nuzum truly cares about each patient and works ceaselessly to help them gain better health. He understands the body inside and out and explains medical terms in easy to understand language. Dr. Nuzum's goal is not to just treat symptoms but to find and address the root of the problems. Dr. Nuzum has become not just our health expert but also our valued friend.



"I will tell you that I have followed you for years and now that you are my doc and I go to you so often you have helped me more that you will ever no. This is the first time in over 20 years I haven’t been on any pharmaceutical meds and it’s because you listened and helped me and for that I am truly grateful. I am so worried about this world for my sweet grandkids and their future. God bless you."


It had been three years, four doctors and at least six rounds of extensive lab work and supplements with no improvement, but rather a decline in our child's health.  When you are faced with this scenario, it's really a "put all your eggs in one basket and pray for a miracle."  We had learned about Dr. Nuzum shortly thereafter, and the knowledge and experience he had with digestive issues in people both young and old. Hopping on a plane to meet him was the "putting our eggs" move we had to make.  One year later, we could look back and know it was a move that none of us regretted, least of all our child.
Over the course of three years, our child's internal system had been bombarded with antibiotics from chronic sinus infections. None of the doctors we had seen knew why (we have since learned that dairy increases mucus production and our kid LIVED on yogurt.) None of the doctors could tell us that antibiotics would destroy our kid's gut and limit any and all absorption of nutrients.  And most importantly, none could tell us how to make him better so that he could gain weight and grow.  
The goal was healing, not managing or maintaining tolerant levels of illness.  Through our healing journey with Dr. Nuzum - and I say our because Dr. Nuzum really was a part of every step, with an abundance of care and concern that continues today, 2 years later - that we learned that no amount of supplements or food would help our child heal to grow and thrive without removing all of the toxins he was carrying through food, pharmaceuticals and even in our home.  "A dirty wound will never heal," he would teach us.
The foundation of Dr. Nuzum's beliefs for healing illness, disease, and the aches and pains that come with being unwell (aka toxic overload) start and end with three key principles: Stabilization, Detoxification and Fortification.  He wasn’t selling drugs or invasive medical procedures, he was selling an idea that the body can heal itself under the right conditions the same way it fails under the wrong ones. We trusted him partially because we had nowhere else to turn, but mainly due to the fact that it just made sense.  And wouldn't you know, he was right.  Our child is healthy today, growing, thriving, and toxin free because we understand how to keep his body clean so it can function as intended, as designed, without the use of drugs of any kind that could harm him.
Gratitude is never something that you want to skimp on when it comes to your child's health turning a corner you didn't think possible, and watching TRUE HEALING happen before your eyes.  We thank God every day for the blessing of meeting Dr. Nuzum and his protocols that taught our family how to live healthy to be healthy, and Detox for Life.