Fulvic acid is a go-to supplement for detox and nutrient supplementation. It is a naturally occurring humic substance that humans and plants need for nutrient assimilation, healthy cells, and detoxification. You can get it naturally by consuming plants grown in soil rich in humic substances, but that is very hard to find today due to industrial farming processes—so most people take it as a supplement.

One of the primary obstacles to supplement effectiveness and health is making nutrients available to your body and ensuring they are absorbed. Fulvic acid bonds to micro-nutrients and acts as a delivery system that helps the nutrients penetrate cell membranes, allowing vitamins and minerals to be absorbed by the cells and organs where they are needed. This is especially important during a detox because in order to efficiently get rid of toxins in your system, your body needs strength from good nutrition.

These are some of the benefits of fulvic acid:

• Enhanced ATP (cellular energy) production

• Enhanced nutrition

• Improved immune support

• Increased circulation

• Enhanced detoxification

• Helps enzyme systems

• Hormone balance

• Stimulates metabolism

• Detoxifies, chelates, and neutralizes pollutants and toxins

• Enhances beneficial microbes

All of these benefits come from fulvic acid’s natural ability to deliver nutrients where they’re needed, while also removing harmful toxins. Dr. Nuzum describe fulvic acid as the body’s mailman and garbage man rolled into one. As fulvic delivers beneficial compounds into a cell, it also picks up cellular waste and removes it from your system. Fulvic acid is a critical part of the 2-Week and 21-Day Detox programs, and it can be a daily supplement for your detox lifestyle. If you are looking for high quality, effective fulvic acid supplements, check out Equalizer Concentrate, Super Fulvic Iodine, Super Earth Energy, Inflamagone or Black Brew.

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