Frankincense (boswellia serrata)

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Dr. Nuzum’s Frankincense Oil is extracted from the gum resin of the Boswellia Serrata tree. Frankincense Oil goes way back in history and has been used for thousands of years. It has gained much popularity over the years in the aromatherapy world for its immune system support.

It has been recognized to communicate with the nervous system and has been called "Herbal Cortisone" for its ability to assist in a healthy immune response. Indigenous peoples from the areas where Boswellia grows have used it as medicine for as long as can be remembered. Frankincense Oil has been used throughout the Middle East into India, as well as Africa and the Orient.

“In my practice, I use Boswellia Serrata both as an essential oil and freeze-dried. My product formulation, Inflamagone, has twice as much Frankincense Extract in comparison to other brands. This is one plant I love to use for helping my patients build their immune system, fight infections, combat leaky gut, and help with the healing of the hypothalamus gland” ~Doc Nuzum

The most potent active components in Boswellia are the sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes. These are the primary anti-microbial and anti-oxidant components of this plant. Sesquiterpenes have proven to help heal the limbic, hypothalamic, pineal, and pituitary, whereas the monoterpenes are more antiseptic and detoxifying.

Frankincense helps to:

  • Builds the Immune System
  • Improves Thyroid and Pituitary Gland
  • Enhances Skin Health
  • Supports Cardiovascular System


Therapeutic Grade, Wildcrafted, Pure, and Natural

Common Name: Olibanum Oil

Botanical Name: Boswellia Serrata

Odor: Fresh, Terpenic, Woody, Balsamic, Slightly Spicy

Country of Origin: India

Methods of Use: Diffuse and Massage

Blends With: Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary

When using a new essential oil, we recommend you perform a skin patch test on a small area of skin. A skin patch test will help you determine if you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to a particular essential oil. Essential oils can be applied directly on the skin depending on the constituents of the oil or diluted with a base oil. Due to the potency of essential oils, a few drops diluted with a base oil like almond oil is suitable for therapeutic use.


    Can I take this internally?

    • Dr. Nuzum doesn’t recommend taking it internally.

    Do I need to dilute this? What should I dilute it with?

    • Yes, Dr. Nuzum recommends almond oil.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Daughter loves it!

    Candy Krall
    smells awesome, great for inflammation, I use it for neck , knee , and shoulder pain!!

    Great product, love that it is organic!!


    Wonderful product and quality. I'm using for myself and externally for my dog and he feels soothed/more mobile after. Grateful, to find it here with his other high quality products.


    My allergies affect my eyes, making them itchy, red & swollen. I put one drop of frankencence oil on my finger & dot it along the eye socket bone above & below the eye being very careful not to get it in my eye. Works in just a few minutes, taking away the itching & redness. If it is swollen, I can actually physically feel the swelling reducing. I use it as often as needed during day & night.I don't leave home without it!


    I used it to remove a skin tag. Dabbed a little on the skin tag with my finger 2 or 3 times per day for about 10 days and it fell off. It's gone. After about 7 days it started getting sensitive but I kept applying. Then it looked like it was getting dry. About the 10th day it got real dark and fell off. I continued applying it for a couple days then stopped. It's been about 2 weeks and so far so good.
    I use it for other stuff but the skin tag deal was the noticeable one.
    Great product!

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