Chocolate Collagen Whipped Cream

A favorite chocolate recipe at our home is this simple Chocolate Collagen Whipped Cream! 

Our Chocolate Collagen Whipped Cream is a versatile delight! It's a perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit, a delectable dip, a heavenly topping for pancakes and crepes, and a delicious treat on its own! 


1 pint Organic Whipping Cream 

4 Scoops of Dr. Nuzum’s Chocolate Collagen  


Start by whipping your cream at high speed. Add the chocolate powder as the cream is thickening, about halfway through, one scoop at a time

The cream will begin to form soft peaks and soon turn into firmer peaks. Make sure not to over whip. 

Tips for perfect whipping cream: Use cold utensils, place the bowl, and whisk in the refrigerator or freezer for 5 to 10 minutes prior to starting. Use high speed, and don’t overbeat.