Common Detoxification Myths

Myth: You can't detox.


The human body has the most powerful, efficient, and capable filtration systems. When our systems are closely evaluated, we can see our bodies possess amazing detoxifying powers. The liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs, and skin are in a constant state of detoxification in an attempt to filter out the toxins that we are exposed to every day.

  • The liver detoxifies fat-soluble toxic materials by converting the fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds. It is a two-part system- breaking down the waste into smaller pieces that then bind to other molecules that carry the toxins from your body in the form of sweat, urine, or stool.
  • The kidneys filter the water-soluble compounds and salts out of the blood and eliminate toxins through our urine. The lymph nodes filter all kinds of toxic compounds out of the body's sewage system (AKA the lymphatic system).

If your body's detox pathways are operating as they should, you will process and eliminate toxins just as nature intended. For those that are not in optimum health, various problems arise that prohibit the natural detoxification process. If your blood isn't circulating well, if you only have a bowel movement once every two days or longer, if you are not well hydrated, or if you have suffered from extreme stress in your life the body's toxin elimination exits can become blocked.

If you don't "clear the exits", your body’s ability to detox is jeopardized. It does not mean that your system is no longer able to detoxify itself but rather that your body needs some attention and maintenance to help it reach its optimum detoxification state again. 

Myth: You don't need to detox.


The unfortunate truth is that we are exposed to a high amount of toxic chemicals in the air, pesticides and herbicides on our food, and toxic materials that make up the buildings we work in and the tools we use daily. It is absorbed through our skin, our lungs, we ingest it and drink it and there is little that we can do to avoid it.

Although you may filter your water, eat organic and clean with “green products” there is still a level of toxicity that exists in the world around us. Active detoxification is essential for removing toxic and harmful substances from your body. Ridding your body of toxins allows for improved nutritional uptake and empowers your body to better detoxify itself on a day to day basis.

It is recommended to do a detox program twice a year to give your body a clean slate. Dr. Nuzum says, “You can't remodel an old house that hasn't been lived in for 20 years, that has mice, raccoons, and all kinds of other things living in it, with rotten wood and rusty nails. You have to remove all of the present "residents" and rotten materials and then replace them with strong, new materials.”

Myth: You can detox through diet alone.


Although making healthy changes to your diet is encouraged, detoxification is enhanced with the use of supplements to aid your body’s natural systems. If you have never before gone through a detox program, or if it has been a long period since your last one, your body is likely in a compromised state. It can benefit from herbs, minerals, and vitamins that help in dissolving toxins and increasing nutritional uptake.

Eliminating processed foods, sugar and common food allergens will help largely in the process of detoxification. Your body is fueled by what you eat and when you are ingesting inflammatory foods it prohibits your body from healing itself from the inside out. Food allergens, such as dairy, wheat, and peanuts, cause inflammation in the body and can cause leaky gut syndrome and other adverse effects.
Staying properly hydrated enhances the body’s ability to process waste and eliminate it from the body. Drinking neutral pH water that has been filtered or treated with reverse osmosis is best. Tap water can be full of chemicals and pathogens that are harmful to your gut and overall help. The toxins that we are exposed to every day are unnatural and our bodies are not fully equipped to fully rid themselves of them on their own. With the use of supplements, herbs, and minerals, Dr. Nuzum can help you to train your body to get back on track to health.

Myth: You have to go to some exotic location and spend thousands of dollars to detox.


Although it might be nice to spend your two-week detox on an exotic beach, it is in no way needed or required. Detoxification puts your body to work to gain back the immunity and health that it deserves. When filtering out years of processed foods, caffeine, toxins, sugar, and other contaminates you can expect to feel a little tired and possibly experience headaches. Being in the comfort of your own home is most often the most desired place to be.

You can detoxify yourself following the simple method laid out in Dr. Nuzum’s two-week detox. Detoxification is as simple as cleaning out a dirty wound. Just like you have to remove dirt and rust from a cut on your finger from a dirty, rusty nail- detoxifying your body is just as simple. Going to an exotic location can be relaxing, but is definitely not necessary.

Detoxification is a simple and inexpensive process, that can be done effectively with very little investment. Dr. Nuzum has been leading patients through detox programs for over 20 years and he considers it the most pivotal step in the healing process. Detoxifying and getting your body "cleaned up", is the place where you will go from "getting sick" to "getting healthy". Detoxification is the transition that your body will make from being not well to beginning to heal.

So here is the Truth.

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