Where Do I Start?

Follow the step-by-step below to start on your personal health journey.


If you haven't read my healing philosophy yet, that is step 1 for where to begin on your health journey. I want you to understand what I believe the human body is capable of and to have faith in the healing process that I have witnessed in over 20 years of clinical experience.


Review and understand the 5 Pillars of Healing. This free guide will explain how God designed our bodies to heal. Regardless of condition, as long as we provide the proper environment and materials our body has tremendous power to heal.


The old adage you are what you eat couldn't be more true. Eating a good, healthy diet will be essential for your jouney to health. Focus on removing factory-made foods and adding fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to reduce the number of toxins in your system, freeing your body to begin the healing process. Our collection of healthy recipes is a great and delicious place to start your healthy eating evolution.


Begin supplementing with my top three formulas—Super Earth Energy, Inflammagone, and Digestive Detox. This combination of supplements will help almost anyone feel better as it boosts energy, reduces the inflammation that causes stiffness and pain, and opens up your digestive detox pathways to prepare you for more advanced detox protocols in the near future.


Spend some time studying my book Detox for Life. I wrote this book to be a health manual that will teach you how to stabilize your toxic environment, detoxify your system, and fortify your body for optimal health. Detox for Life will answer many questions you may have and will give you the educational foundation required to be successful on your healing journey.


After you have read Detox for Life and are ready to update to a more toxin-free and health-promoting lifestyle, take the next step toward health by participating in the 2-Week Detox. This will prime your body to eliminate toxins and absorb a greater number of nutrients.