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What makes your Equalizer Concentrate different? 

Dr. Nuzum’s Fulvic Acid is water extracted and goes through a multi-faceted process to assure highest quality. 


How many sprays in Equalizer Concentrate?

Approximately 300 sprays.


Can you apply Equalizer Concentrate on your skin?



Can you put Equalizer Concentrate into a drink?

Yes, you may spray it into water or juice.


What is the difference between Equalizer Concentrate and Black Brew?

Equalizer is a Fulvic Acid liquid extract whereas Black Brew is a powder combination of Humic and Fulvic Acids with carbon complexes bound to them.


How many servings in Black Brew?

Approximately 45 servings.


What makes Dr. Nuzum’s Super Fulvic Iodine different from others?

The iodine is bound to a Fulvic Acid Complex which drives it into the system faster.


Can you put Super Fulvic Iodine on your skin?  



Does Super Fulvic Iodine get absorbed the same through the skin as when taken orally? 

It is equally absorbed topically and orally, but taking it orally helps the microbiome of the gut, whereas using it topically helps the microbiome of the skin.


Can I use Super Fulvic Iodine both orally and topically?



How many drops in Super Fulvic Iodine? 

Approximately 300 drops.


How many drops in Super Magnesium?

Approximately 550 drops.


How many drops in Vitamin D?

Approximately 2,140 drops.


How many servings in Ful-Biotic?

Approximately 30 servings.


What is the difference between Inflamagone, Turmeric 3D and Super Curcuminoids?

Inflamagone has Curcumin, Boswellia, Chuchuahasi, Iporuru and Ginger Extact which is bound to a specific Humic and Fulvic Acid carbon delivery system. There are no fermented ingredients in Inflamagone.

Turmeric 3D has fermented Vitamin D3, Turmeric, Ginger Root and Turkey Tail Mushroom. It also contains Ashwagandha extract. These are all bound to a Fulvic Acid delivery system.

Super Curcuminoids has Tumeric, Tumeric Extract and BioPerine. Standardized to contain grade 95% curcuminoids.


Why is there rice flour in Super Curcuminoids?

Curcumin is very sticky substance and requires a flow agent in order for it to move through the encapsulation machines, Dr. Nuzum only allows the manufacture to use rice powder.


Why is Frankincense essential oil not organic?

Due to availability, carries a wildcrafted Frankincense oil. Wildcrafted is collecting plants derived from their natural habitat. Sometimes the certification of oil does not guarantee the pureness of the oil. For this reason, we seek to use the highest quality of oil from trusted distilleries.


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