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Boost your immune system and increase digestive health with one of the most powerful probiotic formulas on the market—Ful-Biotic.

 Ful-Biotic helps:

  •  support a healthy immune system
  • limit the population of bad gut microbes
  • increase digestive enzyme production
  • reduce bloating
  • reduce brain fog (cognitive function)

Ful-biotic is Dr. Nuzum’s personal “family formula” that he has used with his wife and children for years. He has also used it clinically for several years with great success and finally decided to add it to his line of healing supplements so everyone can experience its benefits.

Totaling over 22 billion colony forming units (CFU) per dose, the specific microbe strains that make Ful-Biotic so beneficial were chosen for their effectiveness and compatibility. Each group of probiotic has an excellent track record providing benefit to the system and supporting colonization. Additionally, the compatibility of each microbe group with the other exponentially enhances their effectiveness and strengthens their ability to “take hold.” The key microbe groups in Ful-Biotic are:

Bacillus Subtilis is a soil-based organism (SBO) that has the ability to "seed" the digestive tract with bacteria which will flourish and support a balanced microbiome. It reduces endotoxicity (waste produced by internal organisms), improves immunity against pathogenic microorganisms, and enhances the colonization of other beneficial microbes.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the primary family of microbes that should be dominant in the small intestine. This group of microbes enhances digestion and nutrient absorption. They also produce the antimicrobial compounds acidophilin, acidolin, bacterlocin and lactodicin, which protect us from invading pathogenic microbes.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum directly competes with candida and yeast overgrowth in the body. It is also antiviral, improves digestion, enhances overall bowel health, and fortifies the colon and kidney.

Bifidobacterium Longum produces lactic acid by fermenting sugar which increases the acidity of the digestive tract, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. It also reduces inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel conditions, improves digestion and nutrient absorption, improves overall colon health, and fortifies the liver and heart.

Enterococcus Faecium improves nutrient absorption, enhances immunity, improves circulation and digestion, and reduces endotoxicity.

Saccharomyces Cervisiae supports blood sugar regulation, anti-aging, and DNA health.

Difference Between “Good” Microbes and “Bad” Microbes

Typically, bacteria are grouped into two main categories: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic microbes need oxygen to breathe and are probiotic—they build up the body and are very beneficial. Anaerobic microbes do not need oxygen. They are the sugar-eating microbes that are there to break things down, to decompose things.

Aerobic microbes rebuild everything—all the way down to your DNA. These probiotics (literal meaning, good life forms) are loosely defined as live organisms that positively benefit the health of the host—you. These organisms are typically referred to as the “good” microbes.

Anaerobic microorganisms break down everything—all the waste your body produces from metabolism. If you eat a contaminated, toxic diet, this creates more damage and even more waste, causing anaerobic microbes to multiply in order to keep up with the waste. These microbes are often referred to as the “bad” microbes, even though they are not really bad, they are simply doing their job. However, a microbiome imbalance where these microbes are dominant in the gut is bad. When the gut is out of balance and contains more anaerobic than aerobic microbes, it is called dysbiosis. This is when the immune system is compromised, digestion is inefficient, and many forms of disease have an open door to settle in to your body.

Those who may benefit most from a probiotic supplement are people who:

  • struggle with a weak immune system
  • have digestion problems
  • recently or regularly use prescription antibiotics
  • eat high sugar content foods
  • live with high amounts of stress
  • eat mostly processed foods (Standard American Diet)
  • are/have been exposed to toxins (mold, pesticides, etc.)

 “You cannot achieve optimum health without probiotic microorganisms.”

 A Personal Story from Dr. Nuzum

In one of my trips to Ecuador, my wife, 8-month-old daughter, and my mother all became ill with different issues. My mom had a bad reaction to something that she ate. My daughter developed abscesses in three locations in her gums where she was cutting her incisor teeth. And my wife developed mastitis because the pain in our daughter’s mouth caused her to stop nursing.

I administered one teaspoon of this probiotic blend to each family member and was amazed at the results—all three of them fully recovered within 12 hours! I tell you this personal story not because it is so amazing, but because this occurred while we were in the Amazon rainforest, with no other modern medical remedy available.

Ful-Biotic is a staple supplement in the Nuzum household and may be the perfect addition to yours as well. Whether you struggle with a weak immune system or have trouble with digestion, Ful-Biotic can help you regain and maintain a balanced microbiome that is critical to your overall health.

NOTE: Ful-Biotic does not need to be refrigerated after opening.

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Reviews (2)

Abigail Whyte Nov 12th 2018

Great product

I bought this product for my husband who was trying to recover from a round of antibiotics. He was on day three of a severe stomach pain and diarrhea. When it finally arrived he took one dose of the full biotic and one of black brew. With in hours his pain had completely stopped. Almost magical. Doc Nuzum's products are amazing I'm a huge fan

Tom Hackim Oct 25th 2018


I have purchased many of the Dr Nuzum nutraceuticals. I find all of them to be backed by science and very effective. With this Probiotic I like the idea that it supports optimal digestive health AND BOOSTS IMMUNITY, at the same time. You can't get enough Immunity Boosting supplementation day in and day out. I can't validate this, but it seems that taking a Probiotic that is a loose powder and mixed with water- like this one - is more effective than a pill as a Probiotic.

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