Dr. Nuzum's Digest

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Dr. Nuzum's Digest combines the benefits of 100% plant based enzymes and stabilized probiotics for complete digestive support.

  • Improves Nutrient Absorption
  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Supports Pancreas Health
  • Aids Leaky Guts

This blend is made of 5 different Probiotics and 10 different types of active digestive enzymes enhanced by micro nutrients and herbal extracts that together support the absorption of nutrients.

Live food such as raw vegetables have their own digestive enzymes that enable your body to break down and absorb the nutrients in them, but every time you eat a cooked meal your body has to "spend" from your "enzyme bank." This leaves your body depleted or in a state of poor health. This is why supplementing with plant based enzymes offers excellent support for the pancreas and whole body.

Digestive enzyme supplements taken orally from plant sources can offer excellent support for your pancreas by making food and its vital nutrients much easier to break down. Probiotics are another factor to consider when it comes to digesting foods because they assist in the process while they also enhance immunity and help balance the gut flora.

As Dr. Nuzum says, "Great health begins at your core, with a healthy digestive system"! Aside from eating because it tastes great, why is eating important?

Eating fuels your body with nutrients that are vital to overall health, growth and maintenance of the body. Basically EVERYTHING that you want your body to do and how it functions for you is directly influenced by what you eat - your skin health, your energy levels, your organs, your bowel movements... you name it, food can fuel it.

The key is to support a healthy digestive system, which will transform the foods that you eat into something that you can ABSORB and USE.

What happens to foods that my body does not use?

In a healthy digestive system, your body will absorb nutrients that it needs and properly eliminate "food material" that is not used through healthy, regular bowel movements. What is crazy is that most of the meals that we eat today are cooked and processed, such as pastas, breads, meats, canned foods, snacks and sweets. The heat used to cook, process and pasteurize foods can deactivate some naturally occurring enzymes and alter its nutritional content. When the digestive system is stressed, it can create feelings of discomfort, uneasiness, extended feelings of fullness or throw off your daily bowel movements.

Why are enzymes vital for breaking foods down?

By nature, all living foods have enzymes in it. Through our cooking practices, we deactivate these naturally occurring enzymes and call on our body's supply of enzymes to do ALL the work. This can be overwhelming!

How does probiotics support healthy digestion?

Probiotics, a.k.a. friendly bacteria, also help support healthy digestion by maintaining the health of the intestinal lining, ward off the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and also produce enzymes to support the continued breakdown of foods as it travels through your gut.

Dr. Nuzum's probiotic blend includes a maintenance supply of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, Lactobacillus plantarum OM, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Enterococcus feacium to help maintain healthy intestinal flora.

For an extra boost of these probiotics, combine with Equalizer

Dr. Nuzum's Digest

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Emily Jun 14th 2017

Dr. Nuzum's Digest

Best digestive supplement I have ever used.

Al Apr 19th 2017

Nuzum's Digest

You guys, if you're not pooping everyday, don't give it another thought and just buy this. You cannot live a health life if you're not digesting properly! Our bodies need the nutrients we get from our foods and our bodies also need our food not to turn into rotted toxic waste inside of our guts.

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