Detoxx 1 & 2

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  • Cleansing Fermented Botanicals
  • Probiotics Plus Humic Acid
  • Fermented Reishi and Milk Thistle

It's a two-part, gentle, full body cleanse that takes 28 days to offer cleansing support for the body by helping to move along toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxic fungus and more, all while helping heal your gut and support your immune system.

  • Synergistic combination of two formulas combined to bring health balance to the digestive system and help reduce toxic load.
  • Colon and lymphatic system support formula: cleansing fermented botanicals, probiotics, plus humic acid.
  • Liver and kidney support formula: cleansing fermented botanicals, reishi and milk thistle

Detoxx 1 & 2 Protocols

The Detoxx 1 & 2 system is intended for those that are new to detoxification and want a long term daily detox support program. Here are a few basic ways to utilize Detoxx 1 & 2 which is designed to be a gentle systemic detoxification program that assists the body in eliminating accumulated toxins.

1. The basic protocol is to take Detoxx 1 Colon/Lymph, 2 capsules in the AM & PM for 15 days then switch to Detoxx 2 Liver/Kidney, 2 capsules in the AM & PM for 15 days.

This protocol is designed specifically for people who have no experience with detoxing. It is simple and easy. You commit to diet changes by eating what you already eat, but switch to all organic foods and follow the dietary guidelines below for the 30 days of this program.

 2. The intermediate protocol is to take 4 capsules of Detoxx 2 Liver/Kidney in the AM and 4 capsules of the Detoxx 1 Colon/Lymph in the PM for 15-30 days.

This protocol is for people who have completed a detox program previously, but haven't detoxed for a while. If you are carrying some extra weight, feeling sluggish, or are planning on starting a new fitness plan this program is for you.

3. The advanced protocol is to take the Detoxx 1 Colon/Lymph, 4 capsules AM & PM for 1 week followed by Detoxx 2 Liver/Kidney, 4 capsules AM & PM for 1 week.

This protocol is for people that are fit and well enough to detox and urgently need to remove their bodies from toxic buildup.

4. The extended protocol is to take Detoxx 2 Liver/Kidney 2 capsules AM along with other nutritional supplements such as Multi Vita-Maxx, 7M+, OrganiZymes and Turmeric 3D and then take Detoxx 1 Colon/Lymph 2 capsules in the PM with a probiotic such as ProBiotixx.

This protocol is one that you would follow in order to assist your detox/elimination systems on a daily basis to "keep your house clean" on an ongoing basis.

The diet guidelines that must be followed to maximize the removal of toxic wastes, chemicals and unfavorable microbes is to switch to entirely certified organic, non-GMO foods and drinks and eat the following proportions:

  • 1 part Organic Protein (meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, bone broth, legumes)
  • 1 part Organic Fruit (equal in volume to the amount of protein consumed)
  • 2 parts Organic Vegetables (twice the volume of protein or fruit that you consume)
  • 1 part Organic Starch Foods (yams, potatoes, breads, pastas)*
  • Drink ½ - 1 full gallon of distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water daily (up to 1oz. per kilo of body weight, that would be 75 oz. or roughly ⅔ gallon of distilled water daily)

*If you want


Reviews (4)

Merrily Jul 31st 2018

Detoxx 1 & 2

Now that I have had occasion to follow the protocol, I find that it has been a very gentle detox with little to no side effects. The only thing that I am having trouble with is drinking enough water (it's very important)so having occasional hard stools. A great product!

Merrily Jul 1st 2018

stopped taking this

I took these supplements for about 10 days and realized that I was not following the correct protocol. So I determined to get some more product and start over again in the proper order. Have not done this as yet.

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