Many people have forgotten what it’s like to feel energetic, balanced and healthy again. You may have heard that detoxing is cleansing and essential for overall health, but why?

Blood samples taken from newborn babies' umbilical cords have shown 287 chemicals present. A total of 180 of them are cancer-causing and 217 of them were found to be toxic to the brain and nervous system (from the American Red Cross blood samples). Do you ever wonder why we have so many new diseases and rising U.S. cancer rates? Out of 81,000 chemicals registered with the EPA in the past 30 years, less that 20% have been tested for toxicity. Toxins are harmful to our health and we are constantly exposed to them.

The havoc these accumulated toxins can wreak on our health is downplayed. We are told that it's "just a little bit" of toxins that we consume in our environment. A little bit in the water, a little in the air, a little in our farm's fields, a little more in our everyday household cleaners and personal care products and just in case we don’t get enough, there are still more toxins in our food! The truth is, tiny amounts of toxic chemicals over extended periods of time add up and can cause long term health issues.

Did you know that most of  these toxic chemicals we are exposed to have never been tested to see how toxic they can be in combination? Yikes! What a scary world we live in! So, what do we do with this information? We find a solution and we educate ourselves on these toxic chemicals that can harm our beautiful and well-designed bodies. We stop consuming toxic products (baby steps if needed, don’t get overwhelmed) and we detoxify!

Conventional medicine does not consider toxicity an important health issue, but it is evident that it can be an underlying cause to many chronic symptoms and diseases. Our endocrine system is highly affected by toxic exposure causing hormone imbalances, thyroid health complications, fatigue, mental fog, lack of energy, sleep disorders and more.

Detoxification can be a great starting point to help reboot the body’s systems and there are many detox program programs available these days. We encourage you to find a system that works well with your health goals and body's needs.

The first thing to do is acknowledge the problem and then move to the solution.” ~ Doc Nuzum

If our bodies have their own detox systems, why should I do a detox program?

Our liver, kidneys, colon, spleen, lymphatic system, skin, and lungs all play a part in the detoxification process. Something not mentioned very often is that some of these organs do not fully develop their full capacity to detoxify until early adolescence. By that time, we have already loaded our body with toxins unknowingly, in most cases.

So, the problem is the exposure to toxicity, not necessarily that our body is not designed to detox itself. In fact, our body does an amazing job detoxifying itself and we should truly appreciate it. All chronic diseases are connected to toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and stress (which is a form of toxicity).

Doing a detox program is a way to help these organs by fortifying and nourishing them to support their function.

Who can benefit from doing a Detox?

Anyone and everyone but is not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing. We all have been exposed to toxins but those that could particularly benefit include those with:

Allergies Fatigue Frequent headaches Hormone imbalance Thyroid issues (hypo, hyper, Hashimoto’s) Liver conditions Colon problems Kidney problems Autoimmune disorders Cancer patients (under the care of a physcian) If you have ever taken medications If you work in the automotive industry, factory setting, hair salons or other situations with high exposure to chemicals After pregnancies and if no longer nursing (great for hormonal balancing) If you smoke If you drink alcohol on a weekly basis If you work on a conventional farm If you have had radiation or chemotherapy

WARNING: Detoxing is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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