Which Detox Protocol is Right for Me?

Dr. Nuzum has three detox programs available to cleanse the body of its toxic burden. Each program is designed for a different level of intensity, so you can start to detox no matter where you are on your health journey.

Understanding the detox funnel is the first step to choosing a detox program.

One of the most important things to understand when considering a cleanse is that the detoxification channels within the body must be open or the detox will not be effective—and may even be harmful!

There are five main systems that we must consider when we want to detoxify the body: colon, kidneys and liver, lymph, tissue, and cells. Each system plays a very key role in keeping the body clear of toxins and some rely heavily on the others in order to work properly. Think of your body’s ability to detoxify itself like a big funnel.

  • At the very top of the funnel is the cellular system. Everything in the body is made up of cells that each maintain their own micro-environment. Each cell is constantly bringing in nutrients, performing an action that creates waste, then getting rid of the waste. Or at least this is what is supposed to be happening.
  • Tissues are the next thing down in the funnel and all tissue is made up of cells. Tissues rely on the cells to function properly in order to carry out their specific functions. If it’s muscle tissue, its function is to contract and relax to perform tasks, as an example.
  • The lymph is the next thing down in the funnel. The lymph system is a little like garbage trucks that drive around throughout the entire city and carry away the trash produced at each home. Once the trash is “picked up” by the lymph, its primary job is to dump the waste produced by cells and tissue into the blood or directly into to the liver for filtration.
  • The liver and kidneys are the next level down on the funnel and they act like the waste processing plant. The lymph dumps its waste here to be processed. The liver takes waste from the lymph and the waste that it filters from the blood and purges the solids into the colon, while non-solid waste gets moved to the kidneys for further filtration.
  • Finally, we get to the bottom of the funnel, which is the colon. The colon collects all the material purged from the liver and sends it out of the body, combined with waste created by digestion.

Listen to Dr. Nuzum explain the detox funnel in this video!

The detoxification process outlined above is happening constantly, but these systems all count on each other to work properly in order to maintain optimal health. This is where many people, including natural practitioners, run into problems.

"Detoxing systems out of order creates a back-up of toxins with no way
to exit. This can often cause more harm than not detoxing at all!"

Let’s look at each level of the funnel again, only in reverse order this time.

The colon is more than the body’s trash can.

It is a major element of the digestive system that absorbs nutrients and water from the things we ingest. Other than transdermal patches and creams, the second fastest way to get a drug into someone's system is via a rectal suppository. You can get a drug into the bloodstream faster by inserting a hard tablet into the rectum than you can by administering a shot in the arm.

Consider what happens when you are not having regular bowel movements. As more and more waste backs up in the colon, it is contaminating the absorption process and some of that waste is being pulled back into the bloodstream and re-cycled throughout the body. Then, the liver filters out the waste and dumps it back into the colon. However, if the body isn’t eliminating the waste via bowel movements, it continues to get reabsorbed into the body. This severely overtaxes the liver and kidneys, creating unnecessary stress on the body.

So the very first detox channel that has to be open is the colon. Do not try to detox cells, tissues, lymph, or the liver and kidneys until the colon is eliminating waste regularly. That means you should be having a couple bowel movements per day. As the colon begins to regularly eliminate waste, this will trigger the lymph that it can safely purge more toxins into the blood and liver.

The next critical step is to support the liver and kidneys.

They will be processing waste created by the body instead of being overburdened with recycled waste from the colon, however it may take two weeks to a month to catch up with the excess that has built up over time. This adjustment period is a great time to begin eating organic food and carefully monitoring your toxin intake.

"Only after the colon is regular and the liver and kidneys have had some time to catch up should you attempt to detoxify at the cellular level."

Attempting to detoxify your cells without the other channels being open causes the toxins to stagnate in the tissues. The body responds by retaining fluid in an effort to dilute the toxins, which is commonly known as inflammation. Inflammation is one of the primary symptoms present with nearly every chronic illness known.

So Which Detox Program is Right for You?

Think about the process above and determine where you are with your health. Often times, people want to jump right in and start a serious detox without considering the detox funnel.

30-Day Beginners Detox

The 30-Day Beginner's Detox will benefit nearly anyone wanting to prepare for a more intense detox, or, those who simply want to support their detox channels.

This protocol first primes the colon and lymph, then supports the liver and kidneys while you work to eliminate toxins from your environment.

This is the perfect protocol for anyone who is new to detoxing, or that needs to open detox channels before doing a more intense detoxification.

2-Week Detox

The 2-Week Detox is the perfect protocol to start after finishing the 30-Day Beginner's detox as the body will be primed to eliminate toxins.

Detox channels must be open in order for this protocol to be effective.

If you are having regular (daily to twice daily) bowel movements, and you have some experience doing detox protocols, then the 2-Week Detox program is a great program for you.

21-Day Detox

The 21-Day Detox is the most powerful detox program that Dr. Nuzum suggests, and it's also the most effective.

This program requires extra time and supplements to help clear toxins. Coffee enemas are also used to help the liver purge.

If you want a serious detox program that brings maximum benefit to the body and your health, the 21-Day Detox is a great program for you.

** These programs are not to be followed by pregnant or nursing mothers as
it is not recommended to detox during these times. **

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