Not All Detox is Created Equal

Jun 6th 2017

One of the reasons Dr. Nuzum got into formulating supplements and compounds was the issue with finding good supplements with high quality ingredients that actually worked for his patients. It’s important to understand that not all detox is created equal, nor are all supplements exactly what they say they are.

In fact, there have been times when some pretty crackpot detox ideas that were almost mainstream, especially for removing heavy metals from the body. Here are a few examples.

Heavy Metal Sweat

One company in the mid-2000’s created an infrared personal sauna that was supposed to be better than any traditional sauna, sweat lodge, or other detoxing method. It consisted of a heating pad and a plastic clamshell lined with infrared lights. Such units are still somewhat popular today.

It went up to an uncomfortable, but not unbearable 150 degrees. After many tests, of course, the device was proven to be a waste of $2,500, and since has disappeared from the market.

The truth is you can remove heavy metals from your body and there is certainly nothing wrong with a good sauna which can help you detox your skin, but a solo-infrared sauna you use in your office for 30 minutes a day is not the answer.

Electro Shock

At the Bunker Hill Mine in North Idaho, a lead silver mine, there were several experiments designed to remove any lead from the miners’ bodies. So they were hooked up to electrical devices and their feet were placed in basins filled with water, an attempt to electrically remove the lead from their bodies.

Needless to say, it did not work, and later on the lead smelter in the area would dump literally tons of lead onto the surrounding countryside. Eventually, it became the largest EPA Superfund Site in the country, and the children in the Silver Valley are still regularly tested for lead exposure today.

The Baby Food Cleanse

This is exactly what you think it means. The baby food cleanse, or baby food diet was a fad for a while. The rules were that you ate baby food, as many as 16 jars a day, and could then eat one regular, low-carb meal once a day.

Of course it did not really work. Baby food is perhaps less toxic than other processed food, pureed food is easier for the body to absorb, and the “diet” does artificially reduce caloric intake, causing some weight loss, but it isn’t really a detox, and won’t really cleanse your body of anything.

There are some diets, like the elimination diet, that start with pureed food like smoothies and soups during the detox period, but they are made up of specific fruits and vegetables that specifically aid in detox.

All the baby food cleanse will do is cause you to lose some weight and crave real food when the diet is over.

There are all kinds of fad detox plans out there, and many of them do not work. The truth is that to really detox and cleanse your body, you must do a variety of things, starting with altering your diet and adding the right supplements.

Even removing heavy metals from your system is not impossible, but you probably should not try electric shock or laying in plastic infrared beds to do so.

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