Lack of Oxygen Can Have a Detrimental Effect on the Immune System

Published by Gina on Nov 14th 2014

Oxygen plays a crucial role in our health, and many people are not actually aware of all that oxygen is essentially responsible for. It provides energy to every cell in our body and has been being effectively used to treat those with chronic illnesses for many years. The immune system depends on oxygen to nourish it to keep a person healthy. However, oxygen not only keeps us alive, it also very powerful when it comes to killing any bad bacteria in the body. Amazingly, it can pick and choose which bacteria are good or bad and only rid our bodies of the bad, unlike antibiotics and other medication.

So many people now have lifestyles that are very inactive; this can prevent our bodies from having the proper amount of oxygen to counteract many diseases. There are many diseases and issues such as cancer, circulatory problems and even digestive disorders that we deal with daily that can be a result of a lack of oxygen. Stress is also a major issue for most of us. Some of the major types of stress that can be depleting our blood oxygen level are:

  • Emotional Stress: Everyone is prone to emotional stress. It can affect us by producing adrenaline which in turn uses more than the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • Toxic Stress: This is caused by chemicals in the environment.
  • Physical Stress or Trauma: If you are physically hurt, it will reduce the body’s circulation and oxygen supply.
  • Infections in the body: Infections are known for using the “free-radical” oxygen in our bodies to fight against any viruses or bacteria. If you use large amounts of medications this will deplete the oxygen as well. Oxygen is required to break down the medication to move throughout your system.

The good news is that the many problems that can be caused by a lack of oxygen can be treated by using Aerobic Oxygen. This is a product that is well known for killing any “bad” bacteria in the body, and yes it can pick and choose between the good and bad. It has been proven to treat the following:

  • Salmonella
  • Cholera
  • E.Coli
  • Streptococcus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Staphylococcus
  • Giardia Lambia

Anyone who is currently suffering from any of these issues would greatly benefit from using Aerobic Oxygen. It will also help those struggling with stress and help the immune system function correctly. You will see an increase in strength, energy and overall better health after adding this product to your everyday health routine.

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