How to Heal Yourself From Leaky Gut

Jun 4th 2017

Leaky gut syndrome affects your body in only negative ways. When the semipermeable layer in your gut is compromised and allows toxins to enter your bloodstream, you experience a round of adverse effects. Symptoms may include but are not limited to inflammation, fatigue, unsettled stomach, headaches, and the allergic reactions to foods that may not have been previously present..

We all have the ability to help our bodies in the process of healing from illnesses, such as leaky gut syndrome. The following steps are ways that you can nurture your body and help restore your body’s natural vitality for life.

Reduce stress and have gratitude

Stress has many different adverse effects on the body and expresses itself in a number of ways. In relation to leaky gut, stress reduces adrenal sufficiency. As the adrenal glands become stressed beyond their capacity to adapt, they go into a sympathetic nervous system cycle. This reduces the activity of the hydrochloric acid-producing cells in the stomach. Stop and give yourself a moment before you eat. Center yourself and be grateful for the abundance that you have in your life before each meal. Make sure to get enough sleep and consider integrating a meditation practice into your day-to-day life.

Take fulvic acid with meals

The fulvic acid extract produced by Dr. Nuzum has an acidic pH. This enhances the acid production of the stomach, as well as stimulates the production of enzymes in your gut and pancreas. It also stimulates the activity of the probiotics in your gut. Most fulvic acid producers add alkaline lye and distilled water to their extract, in order to raise the pH, making their fulvic extract an alkali. An alkali supplement can reduce stomach acid production and kill beneficial probiotic microbes in the gut.

Add apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an acid that helps to balance the contents of your stomach. It aids in speeding up how fast your stomach empties. Apple cider vinegar contains healing properties from acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, enzymes and probiotics that are naturally present. You can make a tonic to ingest it directly or add it to your raw foods, such as your salad dressing, to reap the benefits. You will find that adding apple cider vinegar to your diet will brighten your skin, alleviate acid reflux and reduce allergy symptoms. You can also add betaine hydrochloride with meals for a similar effect.

Take digestive enzymes and probiotics

Taking a supplement 30 minutes before your meal will assist your body in breaking down meals. Look for digestive enzymes that have fulvic acid, betaine hydrochloride, ginger root, licorice root, and/or probiotics. Your digestive system is compromised when suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Digestive enzymes offers your gut some assistance in breaking down and more readily absorbing the nutrients from each and every meal. Supplementing with probiotics re-colonizes your GI tract with “healthful” microbes that act as your ally. These microbes heal your gut, reduce the impact of environmental toxins, and perform aspects of the digestive process themselves.

Implement ginger root into your kitchen

Ginger root enhances stomach acid production that is the key factor in breaking down the food that we eat. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the gut, as well as antioxidant effects. It has soothing properties that help to settle upset stomachs and reduce heartburn. Add a piece of fresh ginger to your morning smoothies or look for recipes that have ginger in their list of ingredients. Ginger has benefits in all of its forms- fresh, dried, powdered or juiced.

Eat small meals, don’t over eat.

Remember, anything that you eat, that isn’t absorbed and utilized, becomes toxic waste. Try your best not eat three to four hours before you go to bed. This reduces stress on the GI tract and gives your body time to digest your food. This is particularly important to practice as you get older. We tend to produce fewer and fewer enzymes as we age, not to mention that the quantity of enzymes we produce also reduces. As progress through life, we digest fewer foods and tolerate fewer things, and see food allergies arise. Food allergies are an irritant to the GI tract, directly causing leaky gut.

Take control of your body and help to heal yourself from leaky gut syndrome. When left to cause further harm to your body, it can take longer and more concentrated effort to recover from it. We can heal ourselves from the inside out with the proper care and knowledge that nature affords. 

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