Documentaries: Knowledge Shared by Dr. Nuzum

May 7th 2017

Dr. Nuzum has been a part of a number of documentaries where he has shared his unique knowledge in many areas:

  • Toxins and what they do to our bodies
  • Fulvic Acid and its benefits
  • The Truth about Detox
  • The Truth about Vaccines

And even more. Stay tuned for webinars, monthly answers to questions patients often have, and more. Below are a few excerpts of the documentaries Dr. Nuzum has been a part of.

Truth About Cancer

Quest for the Cures

We'll post more excerpts as they become available. Dr. Nuzum is here to help you on your journey to health, and he wants you to know the truth about medicine, healing, and more. 

Starting soon, Dr. Nuzum will be offering webinars, monthly videos where he answers common questions, and will be offering even more learning opportunities for you. 

Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter  @DrNuzum to stay up to date!