Detox and Fulvic Acid: How it Works

Apr 19th 2017

Fulvic acid is one of the miracle molecules that is getting a lot of attention in the world of supplements. You could get it naturally from coming into contact with organic dirt and soil outside, but it would have to be about between 2 to 4,000 years old. (see mom, all that playing in the dirt paid off), but most people take it as a supplement.

So what does fulvic acid do? Well, it bonds to other nutrients and helps your body absorb them better. There are a lot of scientific terms behind all of that, but to say that fulvic acid helps with a detox plan is like saying that exercise helps with weight loss: while much of weight loss may be about diet and nutrition, without adding exercise, desired results will be much harder to achieve.

Enhancing Body Nutrition

By making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients, fulvic acid makes it more likely that needed vitamins and minerals will reach the cells and organs where they are needed. One of the primary obstacles to supplement effectiveness and health is the making nutrients available and ensuring that they are absorbed.

This is especially important during a detox: to efficiently get rid of all of the toxins in your system your body needs strength from good nutrition. By bonding to minerals and vitamins, fulvic acid helps your body transport and distribute them to just where they are needed.

Increased Circulation

Transportation goes hand in hand with absorption: for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs they need to get where they need to go, and this is another area where fulvic acid is effective. It helps your body with this transportation by increasing circulation.

Increased circulation not only has the advantage of transporting good nutrients where they are needed, but also in transporting harmful toxins away from cells, enabling the body to get rid of them.


This is a fancy science term for one molecule, usually an organic one, bonding with another. One thing fulvic acid does really well is bond with heavy metals, enabling your body to excrete them.

One of the problems with processed foods and even inexpensive supplements containing minerals is that they contain heavy metals which can be really harmful to your body. A big part of a detox program is to get rid of these toxins.

Fulvic acid plays many more roles in nutrition and in the detox process. These are just a few of them. Because of all of these advantages, fulvic acid is a big part of Dr. Nuzum’s Two Week Detox program.

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