The Secret is in The Liver

The Secret is in The Liver

Jul 29th 2019

The Secret is in the Liver

The Importance of Liver Health to Your Overall Health

The liver performs hundreds of functions in the body. At about 3 pounds, it is the second largest organ in the body and is vital to digestion, detoxification, metabolizing, and more.

A healthy liver will:

  • store vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • convert thyroid hormones
  • remove toxins from the blood
  • produce bile to digest fats
  • metabolize nutrition from food
  • helps blood clotting
  • produce cholesterol necessary for hormone production

Our bodies, including the liver, have connective tissue. It is a group of tissues in the body that maintains the form of the body and its organs by providing cohesion and internal support. Also serving as a home for our immune system to hide out and lay wait for invaders.

The liver (kidneys and lymphatic system) work to filter out toxins and they do a pretty good job. As our blood flows in route to the liver, kidneys, and lungs and back again, over and over, invaders are captured and taken to the filtration system of our bodies; the liver, kidneys, and the lymphatic system. The liver detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs before they can reach the rest of the body. 

The liver metabolizes nutrients from our digested food. After we eat and the food has been broken down in our stomach, it moves into the small intestine where most nutrients are pulled from the food to be absorbed into the body. The nutrients must travel through a venous system called the hepatic portal vein. This network of veins delivers nutrients directly to the liver to be metabolized into glucose, which is the fuel for all the cells in our body.

As we digest food, the pancreas secretes insulin into the hepatic portal vein so that it can be carried into the liver with the digested food. As much as 90% of the insulin produced by the pancreas is utilized in our liver, which requires the hormone in large amounts. Each cell in the liver contains 200,000 insulin receptor sites.

Think of each receptor site as a door to the cell that only opens to let nutrients in when insulin, or the key, opens the door. Insulin unlocks the liver cells making them available to metabolize nutrients and deliver glucose properly into our bloodstream.  

As you can see, your liver is always hard at work in order for your body detoxification pathways to function properly. Keeping it healthy and working at maximum potential is vital to your well being and survival.

How can we increase our liver efficiency and metabolism?

Eating liver cleansing foods such as:

  • avocados, leafy greens
  • lemon juice, broccoli
  • cabbage, kale
  • olive oil (cold-pressed)
  • green tea, garlic
  • spinach, ginger
  • artichokes, grapefruit
  • apples, carrots
  • beets

Supplementing with Dr. Nuzum's Super Chlorogenic and detoxing regularly is a great way to get started! Take a look at our 2 week detox  or 21 day detox programs. 

Chlorogenic acid, sole ingredient in our Super Chlorogenic, makes all of the receptor sites more sensitive to insulin, causing the doors to open easily and increasing our metabolism. Fulvic acid, found in our Equalizer Concentrate, dramatically increases the absorption and utilization of chlorogenic acid.This increase in efficiency in the liver has dramatic effects all throughout the body, a ripple effect essentially.

When more doors are open within your cells, more sugar (glucose) can be consumed for cellular energy. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which balances insulin and other hormone production. When the body has excess glucose in the blood that cannot be used as fuel, it begins to store the fuel for future use. This conversion begins when extra glucose is clumped together to form a fat molecule, also known as a triglyceride. The increase in liver metabolism means lower blood sugar levels, which drives lower triglyceride levels.

The increase in metabolism allows more glucose to be burned as fuel, meaning less glucose will be stored for future energy in fat cells. This makes it easier to lose weight when eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Any toxic substance absorbed in excess has the potential to damage the liver.

Detoxification removes many toxins that can cause imbalances throughout our bodies. Detoxification is about cleaning and clearing the natural detoxification pathways in our bodies, so our bodies can remove contaminants effectively. Detoxification encompasses toxins absorbed through our diets, through breathing the air, absorption through our skin, and other toxins we ingest from the environment around us.

Let’s help our liver function at it’s best so we can too! After all, if our liver stops working, so do we.

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