The Importance of Supplements for Fitness

The Importance of Supplements for Fitness

Aug 12th 2017

No matter what fitness activities you engage in, whether you are a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior, nutrition is important. In fact, when it comes to weight loss and building lean muscle, your success is based only about 20% on what you do, and 80% on your nutritional intake.

To remain a successful athlete, there are some simple steps you must follow. They mirror the steps in detoxification and healing because the process works no matter what goals you are trying to accomplish. Adding supplements enhances the effectiveness of these steps.


Just as you cannot train with an injury, to make your diet work for you rather than against you, you need your body to be stable nutritionally. For some people, this can mean a few different things.

You may need to detox. Even if you watch your food intake carefully, we live in a contaminated world. You breathe in pollutants whenever you are outside, absorb them through your skin, and you will want to rid your body of anything that might be doing it harm.

This detox can be something as simple as the Dr. Nuzum Two-Week Detox program. If you are already eating a pretty healthy diet including clean, organic vegetables and proteins, detoxing may not interfere with your workout routine too much, although you should plan to take it easy the first few days of detox until you see how the process will affect you.

There are some common symptoms that can occur though, and you should be prepared just in case. If you have mild headaches, some stomach issues including flatulence, and some flu-like symptoms the first couple of days, it simply means the detox is working.


While you may already be conscious of the nutrients you are putting in your body, you may need to add some supplements to help your body better absorb and utilize those nutrients. One of the primary ingredients that helps your body do this is called Fulvic acid. This complex molecule that is a part of many of Dr. Nuzum’s supplements, including Super Earth Energy.

This supplement helps provide your body with mitochondrial support, a vital contribution to the health of your cells. The healthier your cells are overall, the better you will feel.

As an athlete, during training you might suffer minor injuries from time to time, and those injuries and even regular training can cause inflammation. Dr. Nuzum’s Inflamagone is a natural alternative to some of the more conventional inflammation relievers like Ibuprofen and Naproxen. It doesn’t carry with it the side effects of those remedies, and won’t damage your liver or other organs.

Maintaining good nutrition is vital to your success, and so it the health of your gut. Taking probiotics or eating probiotic yogurt is an important part of that gut health. The better your body is functioning, the better it can defend itself against toxins, disease, and injury.


Once everything is working properly in your body, and you have fortified your system, you need to continue to maintain your health. Besides working out and following a strict nutrition regimen, you may need to do some other maintenance tasks.

This might include detoxification a few times a year. These regular detoxes may not be as intense as your initial one, especially if you are eating well. However, they are still necessary to flush your body of toxins you encounter every day. Think of it like changing the oil in your car: if you don’t do it, your engine can potentially break down.

This also means continuing a supplement routine. Nearly every athlete, male or female, over the age of forty should be taking something like Inflamagone regularly. Adding Super Earth Energy will even out your energy levels, and many athletes say it keeps them from having that “mid-afternoon crash” you may also experience.

The right nutrition is vital to athlete success. The right supplements simply help support good nutrition and enhance your health and training. Dr. Nuzum wants you to be the healthiest you can be, and formulates all of his products to help you do just that. 

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