Naturally Reduce Seasonal Allergies

Naturally Reduce Seasonal Allergies

Published by Dr. Dan Nuzum on Mar 20th 2019

A condition called Seasonal Allergies affects an average of 8% of Americans annually.

An allergic response is an inflammatory response that the body has some irritant. These irritants usually are pollen, mold and animal dander.

Common symptoms are:


Runny nose

Stuffy nose

Post nasal drip

Itchy sinuses, nose, and ear canals

Head, ear, nose and throat congestion


Wheezing and coughing

In Natural Medicine we look a little deeper than just shutting down the allergic inflammatory response with antihistamines. We consider someone with allergies to be someone that has a high level of overall inflammation and that it takes next to nothing to push them past their limit, into an allergic inflammatory reaction.

To help alleviate this problem one must:

1. Reduce the total amount of accumulated irritants in the system.

2. Reduce the amount of overall inflammation in the system.

3. Help the body have a healthy inflammatory response.

Detoxification is how we reduce the total amount of accumulated toxic irritants which reduces the overall level of potential inflammatory triggers in the system.

The 2 Week and 21 Day Detox Programs are a healthy way to prepare for the allergy season along with taking Nuzum's Digest and Equalizer Concentrate which can help assist in the proper digestion of food without irritating the gut and triggering inflammation.

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