Dr. Nuzum on Female Hormones and How They Work

Dr. Nuzum on Female Hormones and How They Work

Sep 5th 2017

Eighty percent or more of the physiologic functions in our body are governed by hormones. Hormones are like little packages filled with instructions, and each cell opens the package and does what those instructions say.

Women’s hormones can seem complicated, and they are. Some of hormones are best friends, and some work against each other. All of this is metabolized in the liver.

Because of these relationships, like the one between the thyroid and the adrenal hormones, primarily cortisol, you can’t treat one without treating the other.

Watch this fascinating webinar, where Dr. Nuzum unravels they mystery around female hormone production.

The relationship between all of these hormones drastically affects reproductive ability, and reproductive hormones have a direct relationship on how good you feel.

This is why Dr. Nuzum recommends starting with detoxing liver-because that is where it all starts. You can’t produce good things unless the factory is clean and working properly. At the same time, the reduction of inflammation in the gut is essential as well.

Next you must retrain your adrenal system and your thyroid to play well together again. This is done using adaptogens. So, what do you do to get started getting your hormones back in balance?

Liver Cleanse: Start here, with one of Dr. Nuzum’s Detox plans, and get your liver and your body’s other detoxification pathways clean and working properly.

Dietary Support and Pro-Biotics: Add dietary support and probiotics like those offered by Dr. Nuzum.

Adaptogens and Thyroid Support: Taking Dr. Nuzum’s Super Fulvic Iodine and Super Earth Energy will help your thyroid and adrenal system realign, restoring the balance between Estrogen and Progesterone, and keeping them balanced.

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