Dealing with Chronic Pain

Dealing with Chronic Pain

Aug 28th 2017

Many people deal with chronic pain for a number of reasons. These vary from fibromyalgia to lingering pain from past injuries. This pain can often lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues as well.

So how do you deal with chronic pain? The healing process follows the same steps as many other healing processes: stabilization, detoxification, and fortification.


To stabilize your system when you are experiencing chronic pain, the first step is pain management. Your brain’s reaction to pain makes it difficult for you to focus on anything else, and constant pain leaves your body stressed and exhausted.

You can’t just stay in this stage though. Pain management is really masking the problem, but not solving it. Unfortunately, this is often where traditional medicine stops: they treat your symptoms and try to make you comfortable.

This is the difference between treatment and healing, something you can learn more about in our second webinar, which you can find here.


As with many other conditions, detoxification will help you remove the irritants that are causing inflammation. Detoxification should be done not just once, but regularly. No matter how careful you are with your diet and the chemicals you are exposed to in your home, we live in a toxic world, and you will be exposed to harmful substances that inhibit your body’s natural processes on a regular basis.

If you have not tried detoxification before, you should start with Dr. Nuzum’s beginning detox program, a gentle 30 day program that requires only a few dietary changes, primarily moving to an all organic diet free of GMOs.

If you are experienced with detoxification, the Dr. Nuzum’s two-week detox may be a better choice for you. It requires a little more discipline in your diet, but does an excellent job of cleansing your body and your detoxification pathways.

Your immune system will attack anything it determines is an irritant or a threat. Many toxins mimic other things, and so your body will attack healthy cells along with the real threat. Think of it like Mike Tyson in his prime. If you put him in a ring, blindfolded, with the referees, corner men, and the ring girls in addition to another fighter, a large number of people will probably get hurt before he reaches the other fighter, if he ever does.

Toxins are like a blindfold for your immune system, and removing them takes off that blindfold so it can fight the real threats to your health.


Once irritants and toxins have been removed from your body, you need to fortify your system, and constantly supply it with all the nutrients it needs. A weak system will have a huge inflammatory response. A very weak system will just swell. A healthy system will only become inflamed when necessary, and once the irritant has been removed or the injury has passed, it will recover quickly.

Think of it this way: if a marathoner who is in good condition runs five miles, they may experience some soreness and swelling that are normal after a hard workout. However, it will not last long, and more than likely that person will recover quickly.

If a casual runner who only runs about 5 miles a week runs five miles, they will experience more soreness and inflammation that the marathoner, and they may be sore for a few days. Their body’s response to the same exercise or “irritant” will be much more severe.

If a person who never runs, but sits on the couch and binge watches series on Netflix goes out and runs five miles will suffer for it. Even if they are able to complete the five-mile run without serious injury, they will be extremely sore. Their muscles and joints will be inflamed, and they might be in bed for a week or more recovering.

This is much like our body’s immune system response. A healthy system is the marathoner, and can respond well to attack, fending it off easily. The less healthy you are, the harder your immune system has to work to repel even a simple cold, let alone chronic pain.

A fire department who is tasked with several large fires burning at once may not be able to address a small one on the other side of town right away. However, that small fire may grow into another large one by the time they reach it.

This is why it is important to stabilize your body and address any issues right away, detoxify regularly, and keep your body fortified through proper nutrition.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, you may want to try Dr. Nuzum’s inflammation protocol

and use one or more of his detox programs regularly. His immunity protocol along with the right nutrition will help you fortify your body and build your defenses for you next attack.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time. 

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